Beat The Heat With New Refreshing Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate + Orange Blossom Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Now Available In SG

With how hot Singapore is, it’s always a good idea to chill out with ice cream.

If you’re feeling the heat, Haagen Dazs has released two new refreshing flavours to cool you down. We simply had to try new flavours: Orange Blossom (S$14.50/pint, S$13.90/pack of stick bars) and Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate (S$14.50/pint, S$13.90/pack of stick bars).

Haagen Dazs 1

The first mouthful of Orange Blossom ice cream tasted almost like the popular cultured milk drink, Yakult, packed with tangy flavours. The rich creaminess helped to bring all the sharp citrusy flavours of the orange and the sour yet mildly sweet yoghurt-like flavours together.

Haagen Dazs 4

After which, I could taste a very subtle herbal taste from the peppercorns which Haagen Dazs has added to bring out the sweetness of the ice cream

Haagen Dazs 2

In contrast, the Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate (S$14.50/pint, S$13.90/pack of stick bars) had a strong floral flavour from the jasmine.

Haagen Dazs 3

The tart raspberry and pomegranate cut through the rich ice cream, balancing out the sweetness. I liked how the prominent floral notes lingered in my mouth.

Overall, I still preferred the Jasmine Raspberry & Pomegranate (S$14.50/pint, S$13.90/pack of stick bars) which had different layers of flavour. The tart raspberry and pomegranate flavours ended in an elegant and delicate lingering jasmine fragrance. I just couldn’t stop myself from finishing off the ice cream.

Grab a pint of these new, limited edition flavours now, for some Netflix and literal chill!

Dates & Times: Now available at all supermarket outlets (No end date for these limited edition ice creams have been announced yet)

Prices: S$14.50/pint, S$13.90/pack of stick bars