Jia Yuen Eating House: Creamy, Decadent Salted Egg & Buttermilk Chicken Rice Hidden In Joo Chiat

Look, I know the salted egg trend has been beaten to death but please bear with me, this one is worth it.

Jia Yuen Eating House 17

Tucked along the quiet streets of Joo Chiat and just across from British HainanJia Yuen Eating House is all your salted egg creams come true.

I have to admit, Jia Yuen Eating House was not the most accessible unless you have a car. So, be prepared for a little bit of a walk to get there. It was fine by me since I was going to be indulging in some salted egg goodness.

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The ordering at Jia Yuen Eating House works as a matrix—you can choose your protein of Chicken, Fish, Pork or Pork Belly. Followed by the various sauces they offer, the most popular ones have to be their Creamy Salted EggSalted Egg and Cereal.

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Ever the salted egg fiend, I was truly excited to try all that Jia Yuen eating house had to offer. I decided on Chicken as my main protein with three of the sauces and as a wild card, the Pork belly with Shrimp Paste.

Jia Yuen Eating House 3

I started with the classic and well-loved Salted Egg Chicken (S$8), which was a little steep but each plate does come with a generous mound of white rice and a sunny side egg.

I think we have to take a moment to admire this beauty right here. The deep-fried chicken was evenly coated with that decadent sauce and I even spotted salted egg pieces scattered throughout the sauce.

Jia Yuen Eating House 1

This was an indication that the sauce was made with actual salted eggs and not the powdered version.

Jia Yuen Eating House 9

Excited to relish in this salted egg goodness, I dove straight in. The chicken was indeed crispy but I fear it was a little too crispy such that the chicken was a little dry.

It could be that some of the chicken pieces were smaller which meant they cooked much faster than the bigger pieces. This meant that those smaller chicken pieces tended to be slightly overcooked. Despite that, I would have to say the salted egg sauce was on point—rich and decadent with a little kick from those chillis.

Jia Yuen Eating House 6

For something truly indulgent, there is Jia Yuen Eating House’s Creamy Salted Egg Chicken (S$8). This is your Salted Egg Chicken taken up a notch, where Jia Yuen Eating House adds a splash of evaporated milk to their Salted Egg Sauce.

Jia Yuen Eating House 13

The result is a rich, thick golden sauce that will make all the gym hours worth it.

Jia Yuen Eating House 12

The sauce is the real money-maker here; the richness of the salted egg was enhanced and amplified by the evaporated milk. Each mouthful was creamy, salty and a little spicy at the same time. This is (literally) not for the faint-hearted. Yes, this does get a little jelak as you get closer to the end, but I have no qualms that I thoroughly enjoy my salted egg.

Jia Yuen Eating House 4

For the Cereal Chicken, the cereal was tasty and seasoned well, and there was no clumping here. Even though I found the cereal chicken tasty when eaten together with the rice, it made for a rather dry mouthful.

Jia Yuen Eating House 14

I reckon this is largely due to how the chicken is fried. Perhaps if the frying time was reduced a smidge the chicken would be a little juicer. This, in turn, would complement the cereal better and make it a truly delectable mouthful.

Jia Yuen Eating House 7

The Shrimp Paste Pork Belly (S$12) started out as a wild card but it was easily one of my favourites. Shrimp paste or more commonly known as har cheong is a beloved zi char dish. I chose the Pork Belly as usually the shrimp paste is served with chicken and one has to switch it up every now and then.

Jia Yuen Eating House 10

This dish was probably second to Creamy Salted Egg, with the fattiness of the Pork Belly going surprisingly well with umami-laden prawn paste.  I savoured every bite and this was one of the plates that was liked absolutely clean.

Jia Yuen Eating House has to be where you can get the ultimate cheat meal. If your love for salted egg holds true, then you can’t miss it. Just remember to leave to the meal plan at the door so you can fully enjoy all that Jia Yuen Eating House has to offer.

Expected Damage: S$8 – S$12 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Jia Yuen Eating House

13 Crane Road, Singapore 429359

Our Rating 4/5

Jia Yuen Eating House

13 Crane Road, Singapore 429359

Telephone: +65 9712 0259
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9712 0259

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)