Jin Yu Man Tang (金玉满堂): Hong Kong-Style Milk Pudding & Desserts In Katong

Katong is one of my most frequented haunts.

The charm exuded by the “old meets new” landscape never fails to draw me in. Even though elements of its rich colonial history remain, Katong inevitably finds itself making room for the new.

There are good desserts aplenty in the neighbourhood, but good Cantonese dessert? Now that’s when Jin Yu Man Tang (金玉满堂) Dessert Shop comes in.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 4

Tucked away at the side of The Flow @ East Coast, Jin Yu Man Tang is situated directly opposite Hotel Indigo. Alfresco seating is available if you want to people-watch or avoid the air conditioning.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 3

The interior is cluttered yet quirky, with menu-plastered tables and wooden accents reminiscent of modern Chinese restaurants.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 2

Notice another level up there?

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 1

The upper-level space is the designated “kids’ play area”, furnished with plush couch seating, cute decor, and a rattan swing chair.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 6

The extensive dessert menu had us spoilt for choice, but we finally narrowed it down to five. They have a small selection of savoury nibbles as well, like Signature Chicken Feet (S$3.90) and Chinese Black Fungus Salad (S$2.80).

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 10

The sugar levels of every dessert have been meticulously tweaked, and they’re lovingly prepared with nourishing ingredients to boost the body and mind.

A fine example would be the Signature Ginger Milk Pudding (S$4).

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 5

Special milk is poured into the ginger mixture, before being covered up with a saucer. Four minutes is all it takes for the mixture to solidify into pudding.

You can’t get takeaway for this dessert and it must be consumed immediately for maximum enjoyment.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 11

Every spoonful of the quivering pudding was silky smooth bliss.

It had a certain lightness to it, with a pleasant ginger fragrance that gradually built up, leaving me feeling all warm on the inside.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 12

Similarly, the dessert that launched itself into my number one spot was the Double Layered Milk Pudding + Red Bean (S$3.80).

Every spoonful of that creamy and eggy goodness topped with red beans (not the tiny and watery kind, thank goodness!) took me straight into the traditional dessert shops of Hong Kong.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 13

Here’s a fun fact about the makings of a good pudding: resting a spoon on the surface should leave no indentation.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 14

Peach gum, or wild peach tree resin, is known for its collagen-absorbing and skin-boosting properties. Those looking to beautify their complexion ought to try the Peach Gum + Milk + Mango (S$5.50), a surprisingly refreshing chilled dessert.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 15

Like most of the other desserts, Peach Gum + Milk comes in different variations. White fungus and lotus seeds, anyone?

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 16

If you’re craving for mango, bubble tea AND glutinous rice balls all at the same time, the Mango with Mini Rice Ball (S$5) is the one for you.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 17

A playful alternative to the classic mango sago, the intermingling textures from the chewy tang yuan and pearls that burst in my mouth were simply delightful.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 18

While I personally prefer mango desserts to be a little sour, this one is on the sweet and creamy side which would appeal to most.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 8

The addictive Deep Fried Milk (S$5.50) is a must-order. These flaky pastry rolls hide a soft milk filling and are well-loved by young and old alike.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert 9

Despite being a tad greasy, they managed to retain their crispiness till the very end.

Jin Yu Man Tang is a welcome addition to the multicultural melting pot of the East.

If the affordable prices and personable service aren’t convincing enough, these desserts make you feel at home. Safe to say, there is something for everyone at Jin Yu Man Tang.

It looks like I’m going to become a regular.

Expected Damage: S$5 – S$10 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂

66 East Coast Road, The Flow @ East Coast, #01-03, Singapore 428778

Our Rating 5/5

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂

66 East Coast Road, The Flow @ East Coast, #01-03, Singapore 428778

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)
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