11 cafes & eateries along Kampong Bahru Road for a relaxing & delicious escape while in Outram Park

While many may associate Outram Park with hospitals and other healthcare buildings, I’ve always recognised this part of Singapore as the ultimate food haven for cafe and restaurant lovers. Those who frequent Outram Park may be familiar with Kampong Bahru Road, which consists of a long stretch of exciting F&B outlets.

Walking along Kampong Bahru Road exposes you to a new eatery every few metres, including quaint coffee cafes, family-friendly restaurants and unique dessert shops. Here are 11 cafes & eateries along Kampong Bahru Road for a relaxing & delicious escape while in Outram Park.

Take note that this list is not ranked in any particular order.

1. Asusual 

kampong bahru road - asusual

Asusual isn’t like most other cafes— aside from serving the delicious food, you can also go art jamming here! The ground floor of the cafe is where you can sit and indulge in a lovely meal, while the second floor is a charming art jamming studio where you can unwind and paint to your heart’s content.

kampong bahru road - asusual

The menu at Asusual is full of unforgettable mains to cater to different tastes. The Truffle Cheesy Wagyu Beef Burger (S$25) is a must-try— this stunning burger is filled with a thick and juicy Wagyu patty, a runny sunny-side up, truffle mayo, smoked cheese, caramelised onions and yuzu pickled cucumbers, served with a side of mixed salad and fries. Every bite of this burger was pure bliss, and the huge portions justified the price well.

kampong bahru road - asusual

I couldn’t get enough of the Very Prawny Pasta (S$25) either, made with linguine, pan-seared prawns, prawn oil and prawn stock. The prawn fragrance was exceptional, giving the entire dish an aromatic flavour. Other mains to indulge in include the Iberico Pork-Don (S$22), Fried Chicken with Kimchi Mayo (S$23) and Sausage Rosti (S$18).

Grab delicious sides like Mentaiko Fries (S$14) and Smoky Furikake Nacho Tortilla Chips (S$15) to enjoy an even more satisfying meal. The +66 Skewer (S$12) is not to be missed— these Thai-style pork skewers are sweet and juicy with a lovely charred aroma.

75 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169375
+65 9231 0796
Mon: 11.30am – 3pm
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 10pm

2. MIZ Japanese Restaurant 

kampong bahru road - miz japanese restaurant

MIZ Japanese Restaurant is the perfect spot to hit up for some authentic Japanese cuisine when you’re near Kampong Bahru Road. While the restaurant has a seemingly unassuming appearance, stepping within the space reveals a beautifully decorated Japanese-style interior.

MIZ Japanese Restaurant boasts an extensive menu complete with sushi, sashimi, various rice and noodle dishes, bentos and more. Dig into fresh sashimi like Salmon (S$11 for 5 pieces), Maguro (S$12 for 5 pieces) and Hotate (S$14 for 5 pieces), or opt for an assorted platter, priced from S$25 for 3 kinds of sashimi to S$59 for 6 kinds of sashimi.

Kampong Bahru Road - MIZ Japanese Restaurant

Give the chef free reign over your sushi choices when you opt for the Omakase Sushi, with options such as the Sushi Combo (S$24 for 7 pieces, S$34 for 11 pieces) and the Sushi Deluxe (S$42 for 15 pieces, S$58 for 20 pieces, S$90 for 30 pieces).

Other Japanese staples to look forward to are the assortment of Curry Rice, ranging from S$7.50 to S$10.80, and Donburi like Gyu Don (S$10.80) and Katsu Don (S$9.90).

17 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169347
+65 6225 5761
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. Dolç Patisserie

Kampong Bahru Road - dolc patisserie

Craving a sweet treat? Drop by Dolç Patisserie to satisfy your cravings for all things baked. This quaint cafe along Kampong Bahru Road serves freshly baked pastries and viennoiseries for a convenient grab-and-go snack.

kampong bahru road - dolc patisserie

Enjoy baked creations such as the savoury Ham & Cheese Croissant (S$5) or Chicken Chipolata Croissant (S$5). How about opting for something a little sweeter, like the Chocolate Donut (S$4.80) or a Chocolate Muffin (S$4)?

Kampong Bahru Road - dolc patisserie

Dolç Patisserie also has exquisitely crafted tarts, including flavours like Passionfruit Meringue (S$8.50), Calamansi (S$8.50) and Fruit (S$8.80). My personal favourite was the Passionfruit Meringue Tart, which came with an almond tart base, passionfruit curd and meringue.

67 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169371
+65 9678 4686
Mon & Wed to Fri: 10am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun: 10.30am – 5pm
Closed on Tue
Facebook | Instagram | Website

4. Al Capone’s

kampong bahru road - al capone's

Enjoy some good ol’ American food at Al Capone’s— this family-friendly diner along Kampong Bahru Road serves up hearty Western fare, plus a few unique fusion dishes to delight adventurous taste buds.

Sharing dishes to savour with your loved ones include The Mafia Bucket (S$30.90), a bucket loaded with their Cajun Spiced Mafia Chicken Wings and fries, and The Gangster (S$45.90), a whole roasted chicken served with mixed sausages, french fries and dips.

kampong bahru road - al capone's

You must get one of the pizzas at Al Capone’s too! Choose from 16 flavours, each ranging from S$21.90 to S$25.90— I opted for Scarface (S$24.90), topped with chicken sausages, salami, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, and was blown away by its richness and cheesiness. This meat-based pizza is certainly a great choice for carnivorous diners.

Delight yourself with creative fusion dishes, including Chicken Tikka Masala (S$17.90) and Lamb Masala (S$18.90), if you’d like to experience something different.

69 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169372
+65 6513 1669
Daily: 4pm – 11.59pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

5. Plain Vanilla

kampong bahru road - plain vanilla

While Plain Vanilla isn’t technically located along Kampong Bahru Road, I couldn’t resist including it in this article— the famous bakery is mere steps away from the main road. Plain Vanilla is a beautiful place to enjoy a sit-down cafe experience complete with artisanal bakes, toasts, pastas and barista drinks.

kampong bahru road - plain vanilla

For a quick bite, select from a huge range of baked goods displayed at the counter— the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Tart (S$8.50) and Banana Bread Loaf (S$5.50) are perfect to soothe your sweet tooth, while the buttery Savoury Tart (S$9) will be sure to hit all the right spots.

For something a little more filling, check out mains like the Chicken Pesto Orecchiette (S$24), Eggs Benedict (S$22) and Mixed Berries French Toast (S$18). Plain Vanilla offers dishes that are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan too, to cater to various dietary requirements.

67 Neil Road, Singapore 088888
+65 9674 3870
Daily: 7.30am – 7pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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6. Central Siam Cuisine

kampong bahru road - central siam kitchen

Central Siam Cuisine is a Thai restaurant along Kampong Bahru Road with authentic Thai dishes to savour with your friends and family. The restaurant offers both individual and sharing portions, perfect for groups of various sizes.

Grab signatures like the Thai Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli (S$25) or the Central Siam Signatures Grilled Mix Platter (S$25) if you’re looking to split with your fellow diners. Other options are the Creamy Crab Omelette Rice (S$12.90) and Thai Stewed Pork Noodles (S$8.90).

kampong bahru road - central siam kitchen

Other exciting dishes to opt for are the Thai Seafood Porridge (S$58), topped with an assortment of fresh seafood, and the River Prawn Tomyum Mama Hotpot (S$48), suitable for 2 to 3 pax. Don’t miss out on Thai favourites like Thai Basil Pork (S$15), Green Curry Chicken (S$15), Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (S$10.90) and Moo Ping (S$10).

57 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169366
+65 8952 5969
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 6am
Sun: 11.30am – 3pm & 6pm – 11am

7. Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani

kampong bahru road - Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani

Dining at restaurants and cafes may be a little out of budget for some, but not to worry, for Kampong Bahru Road houses more affordable gems too! If you ever find yourself wandering around the area in the middle of the night, the 24 hour eatery  Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani is a great place to drop by.

kampong bahru road - Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani

Ya-Mahyuddin Al-Jailani offers dishes from various cuisines— their dishes include Maggie Goreng (S$5), Mee Kuah (S$6.50) and Roti John (S$7.50). The store even has Western delights such as Fish & Chips (S$9) and Chicken Cutlet (S$10).

I got a whole Spring Chicken for S$14, which came with a generous portion of fries. The chicken was unfortunately quite dry and overcooked, but the low price and large servings were commendable. The Chicken Nasi Briyani (S$7.50) had similarly huge portions that justified the price point.

89 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169382
6222 2754
Daily: 24 hours

8. Onné 

kampong bahru road - onne

Onné is a Japanese fusion restaurant with interesting Japanese-Western creations and an all-day breakfast menu. The menu is small and concise, with a few mains, desserts and drinks to choose from.

The pastas at Onné boast unique fusion flavours— choose from the Shio Kombu Pasta (S$17), Hotaté Aglio é Olio (S$22), Pasta Cresmosa di Gambi (S$24) and Carbonara Miso (S$21). I tried the Carbonara Miso, which had a nice savoury and umami flavour resembling mushroom soup.

kampong bahru road - onne

For dessert, opt for the popular stretchy Warabi Mochi (S$8) or the Matcha-misu (S$6) to satisfy your sweet tooth. I loved how fragrant and prominent the matcha taste in the Matcha-misu was.

5 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169341
+65 9760 4004
Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: 9am – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 11pm
Closed on Wed

9. Luvall Coffee

kampong bahru road - luvall coffee

In need of a quick caffeine fix? Head over to Luvall Coffee for a cuppa to cheer you up. This coffee cafe serves all sorts of beverages, including some rather inventive flavours that you may not have seen before.

Enjoy specialty coffee like a Double Espresso (S$4.50) or a Maple White Cold Brew (S$8) to start your day, or opt for a non-coffee option like a Matcha Latte (S$7 for hot, S$7.50 for iced) or a Dirty Hojicha (S$8 for hot, S$8.50 for iced). I’m especially intrigued by the range of Fruity Coffee offered here, with flavours like Soda Black Passion Fruit (S$8.50) and Lychee White (S$8.50)!

kampong bahru road - luvall coffee

Luvall Coffee also has a small food menu comprising 4 dishes: Tangy Kimchi Chicken (S$16.90), Butter Garlic Prawn Salsa (S$16.90), Beef Bolognese (S$15.90) and Avocado and Roasted Tomato (S$15.90). Top up S$3.50 to enjoy a Soup of the Day or a cup of Black or White Coffee with your meal, valid on weekdays only.

47 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169361
Tue to Fri: 7am – 4.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Mon

10. Haengbok Cakeyo 

kampong bahru road - haengbok cakeyo

Haengbok Cakeyo is the first Korean-style dessert cafe in Singapore, and specialises in selling macarons stuffed with thick fillings (also known as fatcarons), Korean bento cakes, Korean madeleines and other beautiful desserts. You’ll easily spot it when you look out for its adorable pink storefront.

Kampong Bahru Road - haengbok cakeyo

Haengbok Cakeyo’s iconic Fatfatcarons (S$20 for 4 pieces) are a staple at the store— each macaron is stuffed with plenty of fillings, making it stand out from regular French macarons. Be sure to check out other popular delights like the Strawberry Bento Cake (S$14) and Korean-style Filled Madeleines (S$20 for 4 pieces) too.

The Korean bakery mainly serves as a takeaway store, so be sure to place your dessert orders on their website before heading down to avoid disappointment.

41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 168358
+65 9388 4068
Thu to Mon: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Tue & Wed
Facebook | Instagram | Website

11. 98 Bistro

kampong bahru road - 98 bistro bar

98 Bistro is every fusion food lover’s dream— the menu consists of unique Asian-Western combination dishes that will be sure to surprise you. Simply perusing the pasta and burger section of their menu reveals creations like Kimchi Ramyeon Carbonara (S$18), Tom Yum Tuna Aglio Olio (S$16), Lap Cheong Aglio Olio (S$16) and Satay Banh Mi (S$18).

kampong bahru road - 98 bistro

Other mains to indulge in are the Mini Masala Fish and Chips (S$14), consisting of flaky pieces of fish coated in spicy masala batter, Asian Beef Sliders (S$18) and Chilli Crab Linguine (S$20).

The Chilli Crab Mantou (S$20) is a dish that catches my eye, as it contains sweet and savoury chilli crab sauce served with deep fried mantou and crab meat. How about some crunchy Roasted Pork (S$12) with a crispy crackling skin, plus some gochujang mayo to go with it?

85 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169380
+65 9117 9669
Tue to Fri: 12pm – 12am
Sat to Mon: 3pm – 12am

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