Kanshoku Ramen: Singapore Japanese Ramen Review

“Lighter, healthier ramen, but still as good and flavourful”

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Kanshoku translates to 完食, which means to “finish one’s food”, and this eatery takes it very seriously, making sure that you finish their ramen down to the very last strand of noodle and final drop of soup. Kanshoku is actually a local brand, opened by Singaporean businessman Melvin Ang.

Ramen broths tend to be heavy and oily, but what if you are watching your eating habits or want to have something light? This is where Kanshoku’s ramen shines.

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Furthermore, Kanshoku Ramen is conveniently located at The Metropolis at Buona Vista, so office workers nearby can get their ramen fix without worrying about it being too heavy or unhealthy. For those who feel like eating something else other than ramen, they offer a range of rice dishes, sides and desserts as well.

Kanshoku Ramen black truffle edamame

We began with their Black Truffle Edamame ($4.90), which we found very strong on the truffle flavours but took some getting used to. If you want a healthier alternative to truffle fries, this is for you. It felt like I could continuously munch on them without feeling too full or guilty, so it does make for a pretty good snack.

Kanshoku Ramen sesame chicken wings

We loved the Sesame Chicken Wings ($6.90 for 3 pieces), which was Korean inspired. Though a tad salty, we liked how tasty they were, with a crispy skin on the outside and tender meat on the inside.

Kanshoku Ramen tonkotsu

The star is their Hakata style ramen, characterised by their thin noodles, which are made fresh daily without any MSG or additional preservatives. We had their signature, the Kanshoku Ramen ($13.90), which had a rich tonkotsu pork broth that was not too oily. Ramen lovers may find their soups less heavy on taste, but I thought that this was perfect for a light meal and doesn’t get overbearing.

Kanshoku Ramen black garlic tonkotsu

If you do prefer something stronger tasting however, try their Black Garlic Ramen ($14.90), which was very fragrant and tasty with their garlic gravy you have to mix all together. The succulent Cha Shu in both dishes here is slightly sweet and tastier than at other restaurants in order to add on to the light broths, and creates a very good balance of sweet and savoury for the Black Garlic one.

We thought the noodles could have more bite to them (firmer texture would be nice), although I would say this is personal preference. Shout out to the amazing Ajimata egg – the most flavourful I have eaten with a gorgeous yellow runny yolk.

Kanshoku Ramen yuzu lemon tart


Kanshoku Ramen tokyo banana chocolate cake almond pear tart

We only had room for one dessert, but were very kindly packed some for us to takeaway! I liked the Tokyo Banana Chocolate Cake (frozen in the photo for takeaway), which was rich but not too jelat. However, we agreed that our favourite was the Yuzu Lemon Tart ($6.20), refreshingly sour, with hints of yuzu sweetness and fragrance and a buttery tart. What a great way to end off the meal.

Office ladies (and men as well) can satisfy ramen cravings nearby with this healthier version, and still get a rather authentic taste. Great to drop by too if you are in the west, as it is just a few minutes walk from the MRT station. I will definitely be back for more!

Expected Damage: $15 – $18 per pax

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Kanshoku Ramen: 9 North Buona Vista Drive #01-18, The Metropolis, Singapore 138588 | Tel: 6684 4033 | Website