Sink Your Teeth Into KFC’s New Zinger Cheezilla & Zinger Stacker Now Available In Malaysia

Last Updated: February 14, 2020

Written by Stacey Hong

KFC recently rolled out the Kentaco in Singapore, but they weren’t going to stop there. KFC Malaysia recently teased us with a picture on their Facebook page.

My initial guess was that perhaps KFC might be adding on to one of their old products, making it “heavier”. 

And KFC didn’t disappoint. Introducing the two new Zinger burgers—the Zinger Cheezilla and the Zinger Stacker. The all-new Zinger Cheezilla features crunchy lettuce, melted cheese, a thick succulent fried chicken patty and a mozzarella cheese patty between two sesame buns.

On the other hand, the Zinger Stacker includes two delicious patties of juicy fried chicken, lettuce and melted jalapeno cheese. 

Just looking at the photos makes my mouth water. KFC certainly hasn’t failed to impress us with their new, innovative creations. 

The Zinger Cheezilla costs RM17.90 a la carte, RM20.50 for a Zinger Cheezilla Combo including wedges and a drink, and RM24.50 for a Zinger Cheezilla Box Meal which includes a piece of chicken, wedges and a drink. 

The Zinger Stacker costs RM16.90 a la carte, RM19.50 for a Zinger Stacker Combo including wedges and a drink, and RM23.50 for a Zinger Stacker Box Meal including a piece of chicken, wedges and a drink. 

Can’t wait to try these mouth-watering delights? Me too. If you’re heading to Malaysia, be sure to stop by any of the KFC outlets to satisfy your fried chicken cravings. 

Dates & Times: Now available in KFC outlets 

Prices: RM16.90 – RM23.50 per item/set

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