French fries out, wedges in: KFC SG paves the way for not one but three different kinds of wedges’ flavours

I’ve starchin’ fantastic news, folks! Early this year KFC Singapore announced a temporary freeze on French fries which got us feeling all kinds of sad. However, to rid us of misery, they’ve just announced spud-tacular news, albeit, months later. Well, it’s no time like the present, right?

Screenshot of KFC's post

As mentioned on KFC Singapore’s Facebook post, there’s no specific date on when their French Fries will be back hence, the introduction of Wedges to the menu. And as a lover of wedges, this is possibly the best news yet!

No stranger to the scene, the chonkier sibling has been a hit in our neighbouring country, Malaysia, for far too long. It’s about time they came to Singapore, to be honest. As you can tell, I’m extremely excited to make my way down to the nearest KFC and gorge down a truckload of starchy goodness!

Screengrab of KFC's wedges

Apart from their popular (and my personal favourite) Cheese Wedges (S$5.75 à la carte), the wedges will also come in two other flavours, Plain Wedges (S$4.35 à la carte) and Golden Cheddar Wedges (S$5.75 à la carte).

Per KFC’s website, the all-new Golden Cheddar Wedges is flavoured with cheddar seasoning and crumbs while the Cheese Wedges is doused with KFC’s signature cheese paired with a dollop of mayonnaise and topped with spring onions.

Personally, I’m quite devastated to know that the Cheese Wedges will be available for a limited time only. I think I only speak for myself when I say KFC Singapore should do away with their French Fries entirely and make the wedges replacement a permanent thing.

If you’re a fan of their French fries, it’s unsure when they’ll be back. In the meantime, savour every moment with the extremely addictive wedges.

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