Kimly Dim Sum Is Launching A New Charcoal Bak Kwa Bao For Just S$0.90 From 8 Aug

My love for dim sum knows no end. So when I heard that Kimly Dim Sum is launching a new Bak Kwa Bao, my tummy let out an audible growl that made all my colleagues turn around.

Kimly Dim Sum 3
Credit – Kimly Dim Sum

Encased in a fluffy charcoal-flavoured bun, the bak kwa filling is tender, fragrant and mouth-watering.

Kimly Dim Sum only uses premium bak kwa for this bun, so you can be assured of the best, just like the bak kwa you give to your relatives during Chinese New Year.

It’s almost like a char siew bao, but with that smoky, sweet and charred bak kwa goodness on the inside.

Kimly Dim Sum 1
Credit – Kimly Dim Sum

Each Bak Kwa Bao is going for S$0.90, but you can also get five pieces for S$4 and 10 pieces for S$8. It’s available at all Kimly Coffee Shops or any Kimly Dim Sum stall from 8 Aug 2019 onwards.

Dates & Times: Available from 8 Aug 2019 onwards

Prices: S$0.90 (one piece), S$4 (five pieces), S$8 (10 pieces)