New in town: Kimly kopitiam at Lorong Lew Lian has handmade pastries & 27 varieties of pasta

The residents of Lorong Lew Lian have just earned themselves a brand new kopitiam. Just opened to the public on 3 Feb 2023, Kimly Coffeeshop features 9 food stalls and is located at the corner of Block 3.

kimly lorong lew lian - coffeeshop exterior

I spotted a stall called Huff & Puff, which were the exact words the big bad wolf used in the ‘3 little pigs’ children’s story. They specialise in handmade pastries that are freshly-baked every hour— not those factory-bought nonsense.

kimly lorong lew lian - huff & puff

Their offerings include Portuguese Egg Tarts (S$1.80), Chicken Char Siew Baked Buns (S$1.80) and Potato-Egg Curry Puffs (S$2).

kimly lorong lew lian - pastries

I was impressed that they could churn out loads of homemade goods in the small kitchen space of theirs. They have future plans to expand their menu which includes cakes and other baked goods.

kimly lorong lew lian - huazai

Hua Zai Hong Kong Style Roasted Delight is known for their selections of roast meats like roast pork, roast duck and char siew. Indulge in their signature Special Mala Noodle (S$5) which is known to be 3 times spicier than normal.

Currently, they’re offering an opening promotion for their Roasted Duck Breast Rice, which is selling for just S$1 till 28 Feb 2023. That’s a really good deal!

kimly lorong lew lian - ministry of paste and grill

Craving for some Western delights? Check out Ministry Of Pasta And Grill, which has a whopping 27 varieties of pasta on their menu! One particular flavour that caught my eye was the Devil’s Pasta (S$8.90), which has ghost pepper, chilli, garlic, prawns and olive oil in it.

If you’re visiting in a big group, order the King Kong Pasta (S$28) which gives u 1kg of pasta of your choice (aglio olio, carbonara, mushroom cream, bacon aglio, beef bolognese or chicken bolognese).

The stall also has other crowd favourites like Fish & Chip (S$7.90), Corn Rice & Chicken Cutlet (S$7.50) and Hainanese Pork Chop (S$7.90).

kimly lorong lew lian - nur

An-Nur Power Muslim Food wasn’t ready on the opening day, but will be available from 3 Feb onwards. Relish in delicious options such as Roti John Combo, Indian Rojak, Mee Goreng and Nasi Briyani.

kimly lorong lew lian - other stalls

The other stalls I spotted were Chao Yuan Noodle, Thye Guan Fragrant Hot Pot (mala xiang guo) and Tian Li Seafood Fishhead Steamboat.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, head on over to the Kimly Coffeeshop at Lorong Lew Lian for a satisfactory meal.

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Kimly Coffeeshop

Block 3, Lorong Lew Lian, #01-76, Singapore 531003

Kimly Coffeeshop

Block 3, Lorong Lew Lian, #01-76, Singapore 531003

Operating Hours: 6am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 6am - 10pm (Daily)
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