Kindori: Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken + Craft Beers At This “Beer Garden” In CHIJMES

I love having fried chicken with a glass of icy cold beer, so imagine my happiness when I found Kindori in CHIJMES. This dining spot is part of Renga-Ya, and offers you a delectable range of fried chicken and Japanese craft beers.

We all know that Korean places are what comes to mind when we crave for this combination. But did you know the Japanese actually have really tasty fried chicken and craft beers too?

Kindori 1

At Kindori, you can dine in a chill outdoor seating area to chug beers and crunch on piping hot fried chicken. The lights make it feel just like being in the backyard of an old friend’s house.

Kindori 2

They offer craft beers and beers on tap, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that fits your palate. We couldn’t wait to try their fried chicken and other yummy dishes!

Kindori 4

Oddly enough, the Japanese enjoy munching on Fried Chicken Soft Bones (S$6++) while chilling with their beers. So we decided to try this snack, and since it’s just chicken cartilage, we didn’t expect it to be mind-blowing.

Served hot, the chicken was fried to a perfect golden crisp. It tasted pretty good on its own, with seasoning that wasn’t too salty yet still retained a savoury taste.

But if you want more flavour, dip the chicken into the sauces accompanying it. We tried the Umami Ume, Wasabi Mayo and Kare Curry. The Umami Ume had a slight sweetness, while the Kare Curry added a very refreshing spiciness to the chicken. However, the Wasabi Mayo didn’t really taste too different from ordinary mayonnaise.

Even on its own, the fried chicken was simply addictive because of its crunchiness. So if you’re a lover of bar snacks, this would be THE snack to have with beers.

Kindori 6

The star dish at Kindori has to be their Fried Chicken, Half Bird (S$16++). The mouth-watering smell of fried chicken wafted towards the table before the dish was served to us.

This dish consisted of four pieces of chicken and upon biting into a piece, I could hear the crunch from the crispy skin.

Kindori 9

The chicken was tender and retained its juiciness despite being fried to optimum crispiness. Sweet and juicy, the chicken went well with the slight hint of spicy and savoury flavour from its marinade.

Kindori 15

I normally am not a fan of dips that are too creamy, yet this Magic Ikura Cream (S$8++) got me going back for more. This mixture of sour cream, fresh chives and their very own marinated ikura really changed up the taste of the fried chicken.

The light sour cream pleasantly surprised me by cutting through the greasy chicken, which made the dish even more delectable.

Kindori 13

Apart from their delicious and crispy chicken dishes, Kindori offers the Otaku Seafood Waffle (S$16++) if you’re looking for something other than chicken. And it was good enough to compete with their delicious chicken.

Kindori 14

The batter was filled with a generous amount of squid, scallop and shrimp, giving the waffle strong umami flavours. It actually tasted somewhat like a takoyaki, except with a slightly crispy char.

A crispy exterior and a fluffy inside gave the waffle a crunch that everyone will love. If you’re ever at Kindori, don’t pass on this!

Kindori 12

To give a refreshing finish to their fried chicken, Kindori offers a range of Japanese craft beers. The Morita Red Miso Lager (S$15++) had a light nuttiness to it and went really well with their dishes.

Kindori Festive Package Online 1
Credit – Saucy

Since Christmas is coming, Kindori is collaborating with Renga-Ya and Mister Wu to bring us some festive cheer. Their Festive Package (from S$150++) includes signature dishes from each restaurant including Kindori’s Magic Ikura Cream.

Kindori’s fried chicken dishes definitely made the cut to my list of fried chicken in terms of its taste. But after one or two pieces, it got a little too greasy for me. I’d have enjoyed it a lot more if it didn’t leave the layer of oil over my palate.

But if you’re up for greasy chicken and beer that’s not the usual Korean fare, Kindori is here to give you that old school fried chicken and craft beer experience. Head over to CHIJMES one of these nights for a chick-licious time!

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Expected Damage: S$25 – S$40 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


30 Victoria Street, #01-11/12, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

Our Rating 4/5


30 Victoria Street, #01-11/12, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

Telephone: +65 6352 1966
Operating Hours: 6pm – 11.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6352 1966

Operating Hours: 6pm – 11.30pm (Daily)