KOI Thé Is Bringing In The New Limited Matcha Latte From Taiwan To Singapore Very Soon!

koi the sg matcha latte ONLINE

50岚 in Taiwan recently launched the Matcha Latte (波霸抹茶拿鐵), with its matcha imported directly from Japan and sold in limited quantities daily. It’s no wonder lucky ones who have managed to get their hands on it are proudly showing it off on Instagram.

For those of us back home who have been green with envy, good news is that there’ll be no need for waiting till — god knows when — your next trip to Taiwan just to try the drink.

KOI Thé, previously known as KOI Cafe, is the subsidiary of 50岚 and will be appeasing fans of both bubble tea and matcha with the recent announcement on its Facebook page that KOI Thé will finally be bringing the drink to Singapore.

There are no firm details on when it’s slated to be launched, but we’re expecting it to hit our shores very soon! Keep your eyes peeled; you’ll know when everyone starts posting it on social media.

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