Lad & Dad: Savour British Sunday Roast In A Hawker Centre At Maxwell Food Centre

When you think of Sunday roast, a sumptuous spread of hearty British food comes to mind — roast beef, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding. As heavy as it is on the palate, a regular Sunday roast in Singapore also comes with a hefty price tag too. (Just have a look at this Royal Albatross Sunday Roast near Sentosa.)

Given how posh the British are, we bet you’d never expect to find a stall for Sunday roast in a hawker centre – yet that’s exactly what Lad & Dad offers.

Lad & Dad 01

Located in Maxwell Food Centre, this hawker stall founded by a father-and-son duo specialises in British comfort food. You can expect iconic British fare such as English Fry Up Platter ($12), Beef Stew With Yorkshire Pudding ($10), Bacon & Chip Butty ($4), and the quintessentially British Bangers And Mash ($8).

Lad & Dad 02

For $4, you won’t regret chowing down on the Bacon & Chip Butty. From the warm and fluffy toasted bun to the runny yolk, this sandwich hits all the right spots.

Lad & Dad 15

Oozing with butter, each bite is full of salty, greasy goodness. Smoked bacon strips and a hash brown complement the bun with a crunchy texture. You can add Mozzarella Cheese ($1), although this sandwich does well enough on its own. Best enjoyed warm, the Bacon & Chip Butty brings a taste of England to our sunny little island.

Lad & Dad 08

No Sunday roast is complete without roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Lad & Dad puts a spin on the traditional slab of roast beef, with its Beef Stew With Yorkshire Pudding ($10).

Lad & Dad 07

While their Stew Bowl ($8-$10) also comes in a chicken variant, I chose the beef stew for a more authentic experience. You also get to choose from four different sides: Calrose rice, fusilli pasta, mashed potatoes or Yorkshire pudding.

Lad & Dad 12

Despite having a crispy crust and warm, fluffy centre, I found the Yorkshire pudding a tad dry on its own. But no matter, because it’s best enjoyed with a spoonful of beef stew — the rich flavour of the stew complimented the buttery pudding so well, you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting seconds.

Lad & Dad 14

Thick and hearty, this rich stew is filled with generous chunks of beef — think tender strips of beef layered with chunks of fat that melt in your mouth. The rich flavour seeps into the stew, and you’ll find each spoonful as flavourful as the beef chunks.

Lad & Dad 10

Thick as the stew is, you’ll hardly notice the potato and carrot chunks in it until you munch on a piece. The soft, mushy chunks practically fell apart in my mouth – no need for tedious chewing with each bite ready to be swallowed.

If you’re not satisfied with this relatively light fare, challenge yourself (and your heart) with the English Fry Up Platter ($12). Greasy enough to clog up your arteries, this English breakfast platter from Lad & Dad isn’t a meal you’ll want to indulge in every day. With so many items in the platter, you won’t know where to start.

Lad & Dad 05

This amazing spread takes around 10 minutes to prepare, but the wait is definitely worth it. The runny yolk of the two sunny-side-ups makes for a perfect complement to the fried bun. Soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet, this bun had me sold on the first bite.

The bacon was also salted and crisped to perfection. Salty, just the way the British like it, it goes well with the fluffy fried bun as well.

Lad & Dad 13

Juicy and dense, the English sausage is best eaten with their onion and mushroom chutney. Made with fresh meat, this thick sausage fills your mouth with flavour – you’ll find that one link just isn’t enough.

Lad & Dad 04

Get your carb load with the potato patty – or as the British call it, Bubble and Squeak. Made with potato and cabbage, this side gets its name from the bubbling and squeaking sounds when the cabbage is cooking. An essential part of a British breakfast!

Lad & Dad 11

Feeling peckish yet? Head down to Lad & Dad for some authentic British fare – you don’t have to travel to England to get a taste of it.

Expected damage: $4 -$12

Lad & Dad: Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Stall 79, Singapore 069184 | Tel: +65 9247 7385 | Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Mon – Sat) | Facebook