LiHO Tea’s new Blooming Brew Tea Series has zero fat, sugar & calories

It’s pretty ironic that the most sugar-reliant writer has ever seen would be caught dead writing an article about a healthy, sugar-free drink series launched from the same store we hit up for an L-sized, tapioca pearl-filled cup on our cheat days. Will wonders ever cease? LiHO Tea is saying no to that question, with their new Blooming Brew Tea Series, which, brace yourself for this one, features four drinks that contain no fat, no sugar, and no calories. And yes, it’s not water.

Liho Blooming Brew tea series
Credit – LiHO Singapore

Your favourite bubble tea brand is spearheading the use of Stevia Rebaudiana in their Blooming Brew Tea Series, an all-natural sugar substitute that’s made from plant leaves. Speaking of wonders that will never cease, this sweetener not only tastes more than 200 times sweeter than generic table sugar, it also boasts a range of health benefits.

We’re talking reduced calorie intake, lowered blood sugar levels, and a decreased risk of cavities—if bubble teas are starting to see this more often, my mama won’t be nagging at my absurdly high levels of sugar consumption anymore. Hopefully.

Liho Blooming Brew tea series
Credit – LiHO Singapore

LiHO Tea’s Blooming Brew Tea Series consists of four drinks, all of which are recognised by the Health Promotion Board with a sugar level of zero. They include Orange Peel White Tea 茶中牡丹: 陈皮白茶 (S$2.60+), which boasts of a lightly honeyed flavour with citrusy notes, Orange Peel Rose White Tea 逅花期: 玫瑰陈皮白茶 (S$3.20+), a delicate floral blend, Jiangnan Longjing Tea 十大名茶: 江南龙井 (S$2.60+), with a rounded, earthy flavour that’s nutty and full-bodied, and Osmanthus Longjing Tea 春秋之味: 桂花龙井 (S$3.20+), that’s perfect for those who want a refined, nutty flavour with a fragrant floral counterbalance.

All drinks have customisable sweetness levels, and are available both cold and hot, with two different sizes for the former. The Blooming Brew Tea Series will be available at all outlets starting 17 September 2021, and on food delivery platforms such as foodpanda and Grabfood.

It does seem that your next afternoon jaunt down to LiHO doesn’t need to be in sync on your cheat day, and you know what? I think I can get on board with it too.

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