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New in town: Lil’ Tiger, Clarke Quay — Tacos, drinks, and a wildly good time

Last Updated: February 11, 2021

Written by Nicole Lam

The only time that I have appreciated anything tropical is when it’s a theme for a bar. You get the best of both worlds; all that lush botanical beauty, and an air-conditioner blowing at you. Lil’ Tiger located along Robertson Walk is one such bar to join the scene with a super fresh raw bar and drinks for a good time.


You know what they say, the early bird gets the yummy cocktail. Lil’ Tiger’s official opening is on the 12 February 2021, and if you’re reading this, it is today! After all, is there any other time than the present than to imbibe in winning cocktails?

At Lil’ Tiger, you can expect an array of exciting cocktails such as the Callista (Price: TBD). This sweet and fruity drink screams beach holiday, a magical concoction of vodka, grapefruit juice, and elderflower tonic. I know, sipping on this baby and having a girl’s night out seems like the best thing ever. Well, if grapefruit isn’t up your alley, Lil’ Tiger has a total eight craft cocktails to suit your fancy. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to make your way down to Lil’ Tiger yourself and decide what’s your poison.

The only thing that can make a bar better is the grub that comes along with it. Lil’ Tiger doesn’t serve up paltry fries or run-of-the-mill chicken wings, expect scrumptious tacos, freshly shucked oysters, and mouthwatering burgers. It’s everything you’d want in a bar.

With my penchant for Mexican food, you’ll know I’ll make a beeline for the Chicken Tinga Taco (Price: TBD). This features a chargrilled French poulet, cilantro, onion and a toe-tingling regañona salsa. This taco is loaded with a salsa made with one of the hottest chillies in the world, so hold on to your hats amigos!

The foodie in me is more excited for the Binchōtan Fired INKA Oven. Ooh, the possibilities with that one. All the delectable smoky, charred flavours to come out of that oven is getting me excited indeed. I’ve said enough; it’s time for me to head down to Lil’ Tiger and soak up what this bar has to offer.

Price: $ $

Lil' Tiger

11 Unity Street, #01-07, Singapore 237995


Lil' Tiger

11 Unity Street, #01-07, Singapore 237995

Telephone: +65 8884 6445
Operating Hours: 4pm - 10.30pm (Mon to Fri), 12pm - 10.30pm (Sat & Sun)
Telephone: +65 8884 6445

Operating Hours: 4pm - 10.30pm (Mon to Fri), 12pm - 10.30pm (Sat & Sun)
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