Lime Capsule, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering: An unlimited buffet with the best dishes of the past 10 years

If you have been to Lime Restaurant anytime in the past decade and loved it (we know we have!), PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering has created the perfect way to relive the wonder. Meet Lime Capsule, a gastronomic celebration in honour of PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering’s 10th anniversary.

lime - buffet spread

Not just a delicious play on words, Lime Capsule is a time capsule disguised as an all-star buffet. It brings together crowd favourites of the past 10 years together in one place for the first time. It isn’t just a trip down memory lane but a reignition of the marvellous flavours and aromas that kept us going back all these years.

What I tried at Lime Capsule

lime - collage of beef and lobster

Helmed by newly appointed Executive Chef Alvin Leong, some of the stellar selections include:

  •         Chef Max’s Lobster Hokkien Noodles with the perfect touch of crispy roast pork, squid and sambal chilli;
  •         Chef Hoong’s flavourful, aromatic Alaskan King Crab Char Kway Teow with its irresistible wok hei; and
  •         Chef Shashi’s Roti Jala with Lobster Curry bursting with a wealth of exotic spices and perfect harmony of spiciness and tang.

lime - beef rendang

Chef Alvin adds his exquisite Beef Short Rib Rendang to the mix, too. Savour the meticulously crafted blend of over 30 ingredients in the rendang paste alone. This rich, thick paste envelops short ribs that have been made especially tender after a 24-hour sous vide process.

lime - rojak & kueh pie tee

lime - kueh pie tee

There is a host of other all-time homegrown stars such as Singapore Rojak and Spicy Crab Meat Kueh Pie Tee as well.

Oh my, how do I even begin to describe the rojak! Easily one of the best I have had of late, it is marked by citrusy flavours and the most delicious crunch. But the real magic lay in the absolutely divine sauce. My mouth is watering simply reliving the experience in my head right now!

lime - lobster laksa prep area

Another of the evergreen highlights is Chef Steve’s Pickering Lobster Laksa of succulent lobster flesh in a rich and piquant gravy.

lime - laksa counter

Chef Steve makes this fresh on your order and his spicy, creamy broth works so well with the exquisite lobster for an elevated bowl of laksa few do better anywhere in Singapore.

lime - beggar's chicken

Despite the name, Beggar’s Chicken is a regal addition to the buffet. Cooked wrapped in leaves inside a clay oven, the chicken is revealed in a theatrical display that rewards the audience with the most aromatic of welcomes. 

lime - close up of chicken

The juicy, fork-tender chicken oozes a mesmerising herbal fragrance that adds to the experience.

lime - risotto and lamb chops

While local fare takes centre stage, fans of international cuisine won’t be left wanting, either. You must try the iconic Pickering Lobster Risotto and enthralling Australian Lamb Neck Chops with Black Pepper Sauce.

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I’m often apprehensive of the gamey-ness of lamb but it was prepared so well here that I couldn’t even tell. However, our collective favourite of the evening was the Pickering Lobster Risotto. Cooked to perfection, the Boston lobster was immaculately complemented by the edamame and tomato.

lime - chocolate fountain

It’s just not possible to talk about Lime Capsule without also talking about the torrent in the room, Lime’s towering Matcha Chocolate Fountain

lime - girl at chocolate fountain

4 tiers of rich, gushing chocolatey goodness, it sits surrounded by an army of marshmallows, fruits and wafers, as well as toppings that include M&Ms, sprinkles and other divinely sweet indulgences.

We felt like kids at a party table!

Final thoughts

This really was the happiest recap of the past 10 years of Lime Restaurant that we could have imagined!

lime - chefs

I have been there many times, both in a personal and professional capacity, and to have so many of my favourites right there in front of me at once was the most delightful experience. It felt almost as if Lime Restaurant had been listening to my gushing praises all this time and created this all-star buffet just for me. Returning fans will not be disappointed.

If you have never had the opportunity to sample their fare, Lime Capsule is the best way to correct that egregious wrong and discover a decade of gastronomic excellence in one sitting. The feast is available daily from 14 Aug to 31 Oct 2023.

  •         Weekday Buffet Lunch (S$64 adults, S$32 kids) runs Mon to Fri, 12pm to 2pm
  •         Weekend Buffet Brunch (S$98 adults, S$49 kids) runs on Sat & Sun, 12.30pm to 3pm
  •         Weekday Buffet Dinner (S$88 adults, S$44 kids) runs Sun to Thu, 6.30pm to 9.30pm
  •         Weekend Buffet Dinner (S$108 adults, S$54 kids) runs on Fri & Sat, 6.30pm to 9.30pm

All meals include unlimited servings of chilled juices, coffee and tea. 

* Exclusively available until 30 Sep 2023, enjoy 50% savings for every 2nd diner, applicable for bookings of up to 6 pax. There is even a beverage promotion where 3 Collection cocktails (S$17 each) go for the price of 2.

*This post is brought to you in partnership with PARKROYAL COLLECTION.

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Our Rating 4/5


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Telephone: +65 6809 8888
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