Limited Edition Sakura Coca-Cola Bottle: Collect These Cherry Blossom Bottles, Available Only In Japan

Sakura Coke-1

What’s better than just viewing cherry blossoms? Getting all those cherry-blossom themed paraphernalia of course!

I have friends who are obsessed with just about anything that has sakura flowers, so if you know such friends, share this cute limited edition Coca-Cola bottle with them!

Sakura Coke-2

This white aluminium bottle with cherry blossoms printed on is only available in Japan during spring for 125 yen (approximately S$1.55). Sales have already started in various convenience stores so if you’re planning to be in Japan for viewing cherry blossoms, make sure you get your hands on these exclusive bottles as well.

If you’re holding out for a sakura-flavoured drink however, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the drink is still regular-flavoured Coke. Since Coca-Cola Japan recently introduced a sakura-flavoured milk tea, I’ll be hoping that sakura-flavoured Coke is a possibility in the future.

Limited Edition Sakura Coca-Cola Bottle: Available in Japan | Website