Little Zoo Cafe (Bangkok): Visit This Exotic Animal Cafe With Fennec Foxes & Meerkats In Siam Square

Where else can you dine with little puppies running around, and play with exotic animals such as Meerkats and Fennec foxes? At Little Zoo Cafe Siam Square, you’ll be greeted by these cute critters and take some photos with them for an experience unlike any other.

Little Zoo Cafe has a branch in Nonthaburi, but with the opening of its latest outlet right here in the heart of Bangkok, travellers staying in the city area can now easily enjoy the company of the animals, as well as the great food.

Plus, no fee is needed to enter the cafe so just as long as you purchase some food and drinks, you can play with the animals to your heart’s content!

After a quick washing of hands and changing into the sanitised slippers provided, I was allowed to enter the main part of the cafe. On the lower level, you’ll see the more common animals, including guinea pigs and parakeets.

Feel free to interact with them with the supervision of the staff. If you thought this was cute, brace yourself for more.

The dining area is on the second level of the cafe. A word of advice, be careful when you enter and shut the door once you get in to prevent the puppies from escaping.

On the second level, the puppies are allowed to roam freely so don’t be too surprised when you feel their furry bodies brush against your legs when you’re having your meal.

The cafe has a Corgi Room with three incredibly adorable Corgis hanging around. These furballs will roll over for belly rubs aren’t shy to snuggle up for some cuddles.

If you’re a sucker for cute and fluffy things, you’re probably letting out an awwwww by now — I mean, who can resist hugging a Corgi?

When the clock strikes 1pm, 3pm, and 6pm, it’s Fennec fox time! The staff will bring out the Fennec foxes for a short interaction time and photo sessions with customers. If you haven’t seen a Fennec fox in your life, let alone held one, you have to pay Little Zoo Cafe a visit.

The length of each session with these Fennec foxes are highly dependent on their moods, so don’t be too upset if they’re not brought out because of “technical difficulties”.

For food, I recommend the Tom Yum Kung Spaghetti (THB 285, approx. S$11.60). The fusion of Thai and Italian flavours worked well together in this dish. The spaghetti was perfumed with the flavours of lemongrass and chilli, and I have to say that it packed quite a punch in terms of spice.

The lime gave it a bite of freshness and lifted the entire dish. See that succulent prawn on top? This dish was really the perfect modern reinterpretation of traditional Thai cuisine.

For drinks, I had the Fresh Coconut (THB 155, approx. S$6.30). This drink is perfect to cool off from Bangkok’s heat. Skillfully removed from its husk, the coconut is a whole lot easier to enjoy without having to manually scrape off the flesh.

After you’re done with your meal, head to the cashier to pay and you’ll be able to enter the Meerkat Room right before you leave. The Meerkats love to dig into things, be sure to remove any loose items and leave your belongings outside, lest they get stolen by these mischievous creatures.

I was told that the raccoon at the Siam Square outlet wasn’t feeling too well and was currently being nursed back to health at a separate facility, so look out for it on your visit to the cafe. If you’re keen on hanging around more animals, consider going to the other outlet, which is larger and houses more critters (including the raccoons too).

Little Zoo Cafe is definitely a must-visit with its new outlet conveniently located at the Siam Square area. Since distance and accessibility are not an issue with the vast transport options available in the land of smiles, I can safely assume that this cafe is on your itinerary for your next trip to Bangkok!

Expected damage: THB 150 –  THB 300 per person (approx. S$6 – S$12)

Little Zoo Cafe Siam Square: 420 Siam Square 11 Alley, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 9pm | Tel: +66 095 0571010 | WebsiteFacebook