Do good & be well — Swiss-made, biodegradable Livinguard masks now available in Singapore

As it stands, the world is waiting anxiously by our window sills in self-quarantine, silently rooting in our hearts for the thousands of scientists worldwide that are working tirelessly to find COVID-19’s antidote. It seems that there’s not much that us lay people can do—except for taking simple, preventive steps such as wearing face masks at all times in public spaces and keeping our personal hygiene at 100%.

Masks have become a mainstay for human beings in 2020, and a necessary item—a sign of humanity’s effort in curbing the virus. With its sudden boom in popularity, however, therein lies a double-edged sword—millions of disposable masks are being thrown away every day, which can only turn out to be really bad for our environment.

Livinguard 1

Many have opted for reusable masks as a more sustainable, long-term solution to this dilemma, but can reusable masks really be trusted to work as effectively as disposable ones? Thank heavens we live in 2020, then, for some brilliant researchers at Livinguard’s headquarters in Zug, Switzerland have devised a splendid solution.

Livinguard’s masks are 90% biodegradable, reusable up to 210 times and has been proven to destroy 99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by leading researchers in Europe. And guess what? Singapore is one of the lucky countries which Livinguard has operations in, meaning that it is now super easy for you to get your hands on one.

Livinguard 2

Do your part for the environment and for the community by donning one of these biodegradable masks. Choose from three types (S$22.90 – S$46.90) when you shop at leading online stores Shopee, Lazada and ORO. There is really no indication to how long more we’d have to keep on wearing masks, so why not invest in a good, lasting one that is not only assured to keep you 100% safe, it’s good for the environment too.