Lobster Air, City Gate: Novel, but leave your expectations at the boarding gate

Last Updated: March 21, 2021

Written by Vera Leng

Readers acquainted with my pieces will know that anything aviation-themed arrests my lil’ aerospace-loving heart. I’ve done Restaurant A380, the Japan Airlines x Japan Rails Cafe special menu, and even paid a visit to Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore where plane spotting abounds. And so it seems that Lobster Air is the latest addition to the aviation-cum-culinary scene, with allusions to flights incorporated into a fine dining concept.

Interior of Lobster Air

Now a distant dream, flights and holidaying were once so well within our grasp. But now that that’s out of the aeroplane window (and we’re talking massive 388mm-tall B747 windows, not passport-sized Concorde windows), the closest thing to flying is perhaps convincing yourself really hard that you are.

First Class seating at Lobster Air

And the decor at Lobster Air makes it so easy for you to do just that. Apart from ceiling-to-floor aeroplane window views printed on the walls, the restaurant is also divided into configurations and classes like a typical commercial aircraft would be, and tonight, we’re ushered generously into the first-class deck. What’s more, the whole restaurant is booked out only for us, so really, we’re practically flying private today.

What I tried

In keeping with the spirit of its airline theme, the restaurant’s menu is also playfully segmented into Business Class, First Class, Brunch Service, Short Haul, or a la carte, if you’re one to curate your own dining experience.

Close up of mushroom soup

From the First Class menu comes a Soup of The Day, which in our case, is a creamy mushroom soup. Alternatively, milk the restaurant’s namesake and opt for the Lobster Bisque instead at an additional S$10. It’s always good news when soup isn’t watered down or straight out of a can; my only gripe is that I wish more lobster chunks are present. A girl can always hope.

close up of lobster bisque

Aromatic slices of Garlic Bread Baguettes make for an excellent accompaniment to the thick soups, both flavours combining to achieve exactly what they set out to do—whet our already-growing appetites.

Close up of oriental salad

An Oriental Salad follows closely after, which sees a couple of greens and white tofu tossed in a creamy sesame sauce, so you know, the usual.

If you’re looking to put some time in between the main course and yourself, then Half Dozen Oysters go at an additional S$18, and Foie Gras for S$16. While I don’t exactly see how they weave themselves into the menu, I can close an eye in the name of opulence. What’s a dinner affair without a brush with some big players, anyway?

When the time comes around for the main course, you have the luxury of selecting from a Boston Lobster With Aglio e Olio (S$88), Marinara Lobster Conchiglie (S$88), Boston Lobster Creamy Linguine (S$88), or Chicken Aglio e Olio (S$68). Now before you fly into a fit, I see your mouse hovering dangerously over the ‘close tab’ button, and I’ll stop you right there. Here’s a thoughtful reminder that all prices listed are inclusive of the whole course per diner, which already factors in the aforementioned soup, garlic bread, and salad.

Close up of Boston Lobster With Aglio e Olio

Now I can’t vouch for the other menu options, but for what it’s worth, the Boston Lobster, which is baked in garlic butter sauce and served with aglio e olio spaghetti, might be worth your while. As the saying goes, the best aglio olio’s the one you make yourself. It’s not every day I’ll find an iteration that knocks my socks off—funnily enough, it’s always too salty, too bland, too oily, not spicy enough, you get the gist. Which is a whole host of complaints about something as uncomplicated as garlic, chilli, and olive oil.

Lobster Air’s aglio olio so far checks all the boxes; it’s al dente, boasts strong garlicky flavours (which does many favours to one’s palate, and not so much breath but that’s forgivable), and is overall well seasoned. I wish I could say the same for the lobster, though.

Close up of lobster roe & meat

Apart from the fact that it lacks seasoning, it teases the fine line of overcooked, and not to be harsh, but here’s the perfect moment to slide in sir Gordon Ramsay’s iconic quote on Season 12 of Hell’s Kitchen, “They’re rubber bullets!”

And just like that, a pairing of Dark Chocolate Lava Cake With Ice Cream and a pot of Earl Grey Tea closes us in for the night. Of course, an English Breakfast, Espresso, or Latte is available upon request too.

Ice cream on chocolate lava cake

Upon dipping our spoons in, thick, molten liquid chocolate flows rapidly through the cake’s delightfully soft texture, very much like the popular Yiruma piano piece. And the only thing that makes hot, sticky chocolate even better is a juxtaposition of cold, fragrant vanilla ice cream. Savour it but savour it fast, I don’t even need to remind you how quickly ice cream melts in Singapore’s heat, let alone atop a piping hot cake.

Final thoughts

If you’ve made it this far into the review, firstly thanks for sticking with lil’ ol’ me, and secondly, I think I don’t need to tell you twice that tonight’s Chef’s Kiss Award won’t be happening. I will applaud the restaurant’s commitment to the aviation theme and stellar customer service, but you’re probably better off taking a five-minute drive down the street for a lobster meal for the kind of prices you’re paying.

I’d say come for the experience, but leave your expectations at the door—or should I say, boarding gate.

Chope Reservations

Expected damage: S$15 – S$88 per pax

Price: $ $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Lobster Air

371 Beach Road, City Gate, #02-36, Singapore 199597

Our Rating 3/5

Lobster Air

371 Beach Road, City Gate, #02-36, Singapore 199597

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Mon, Wed & Thu), 10am - 11pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Tue

Operating Hours: 11am - 11pm (Mon, Wed & Thu), 10am - 11pm (Sat & Sun), Closed on Tue
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