Lucky Saigon Café: A serene oasis for authentic Vietnamese cuisine

After my recent trip to Hanoi, I developed a newfound love for Vietnamese food. Perhaps it’s the lack of good spots here in Singapore (clearly unbeknownst to me) that stopped me from searching. Thankfully, the algorithm on my phone was still tuned towards Vietnamese cuisine, which led me to find Lucky Saigon Café, located in Tanglin, right outside the heart of the city.

The entrance of Lucky Saigon

Online recommendations promised a captivating dining experience but getting there was our first challenge, especially for those reliant on public transport. Take it from me — either drive or get a cab.

As we walked to the entrance, my family and I were enthralled by the lush greenery that surrounded the place. It almost looked like it was meant for royalty to dine in only.

The gate of Lucky Saigon Cafe

Now, it wasn’t as haphazard as Hanoi eating spots, in fact, it was well furnished down to tee. Service was friendly, place was clean and did I mention super spacious? If you’ve been to Hanoi, you would know how space is a huge luxury!

The indoor interior at Lucky Saigon

Besides the abundant space this restaurant had, I particularly enjoyed the enchanting atmosphere amidst the plants and flowers. The al fresco setting sure did set the stage for a delightful evening. Now, only one thought remained— how would the food fare?

What I tried at Lucky Saigon Café

All Season Spring Roll Platter

Appetisers were up first and of course, we started with the All Season Spring Roll (S$13.50). There were three kinds served to us— fresh, fried, and breaded.

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Fried Spring Roll at Lucky Saigon

The generous assortment of fillings, including prawns, pork, and fresh herbs, added complexity to this appetiser. The symphony of flavours made every bite and chew enjoyable.

My favourite was the breaded spring rolls which actually, aren’t very common in Vietnam. The texture game here was spot-on and fed four people well. Perfect for sharing and a great start to the meal.

Chicken Baguette (Banh Mi Ga Xe)

Now, for the make-it-or-break-it dish… Chicken Baguette (Banh Mi Ga Xe) (S$9.50). A fusion of French and Vietnamese influences, the Banh Mi Ga Xe combines tender chicken and crisp veggies, all tucked into a crusty baguette. A light and satisfying option, but what about taste?

A cross section image of Lucky Saigon's Chicken Banh Mi

Thankfully, it was a delightful rendition. The bread is crusty yet tender, and the combination of savoury, juicy chicken and zesty pickled vegetables resulted in a memorable mouthful.

I will say though, this is far from the best banh mi I’ve had in Vietnam, but overall still decent.

Close up of the Chicken Vermicelli (Bun Thit Ga Nuong & Cha Gio)

Next up, we tried the Chicken Vermicelli (Bun Thit Ga Nuong & Cha Gio) (S$13.50).

The dish presented an ensemble of tantalising elements such as succulent grilled chicken, and crispy spring rolls, all atop a bed of vermicelli noodles. One can never have too many spring rolls when it comes to Vietnamese food, ha!

Chicken Vermicelli (Bun Thit Ga Nuong & Cha Gio) at Lucky Saigon

The Chicken Vermicelli was one that surpassed expectations, as the semi-smoky flavuors of grilled chicken complemented the refreshing vermicelli noodles.

The fragrant herbs and sweet, citrusy nuoc cham dressing elevated this dish to a symphony of flavours and texture. Definitely, one I would have on a hot day.

Beef Combo Pho (Pho Dac Biet)

Known to many, one cannot visit a Vietnamese restaurant without indulging in a steaming bowl of pho, and the Beef Combo Pho (Pho Dac Biet) (S$13.80) at Lucky Saigon did not disappoint. The soul-soothing broth and tender beef slices evoke memories of Vietnam’s vibrant street food culture.

I did find it weird how we were only given a lime wedge and chilli, but no beansprouts and basil leaves because customising my pho has always been a favourite part of my pho experience!

At its price point, it was a tad steep for the portion served. Then again, it wouldn’t be fair to Lucky Saigon Café if I compared this to the multiple bowls I had in Vietnam. For Singapore’s standard, it would have my stamp of approval.

Final Thoughts

A flatlay of Vietnamese dishes

Three words: a unique experience. Each dish we had was served close to the Vietnamese tradition which I really appreciated. However, as someone who has had the pleasure of dining in Vietnam itself, I can’t help but feel that there’s a certain intangible authenticity that’s hard to replicate abroad.

Lucky Saigon Café succeeded in crafting delightful Vietnamese dishes but it barely crossed the passing mark. Nonetheless, for those looking to satisfy cravings like I did at the start, it is a compelling spot to unwind over snacks (go for their spring rolls) and sweet drinks amidst a serene ambiance.

Expected damage: S$10 – S$20 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3.5 / 5

Lucky Saigon Café

356 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247674

Our Rating 3.5/5

Lucky Saigon Café

356 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247674

Telephone: +65 6556 8228
Operating Hours: 9am - 11pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6556 8228

Operating Hours: 9am - 11pm (Daily)
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