Malaysian couple ties the knot at local McDonald’s

I know many of us as kids had a dream of having a birthday thrown at McDonald’s. But what about a wedding? And being officiated by none other than the Hamburglar? Yes, you read that right— a McDonald’s in Subang Jaya, Selangor, had the honour of hosting a wedding for a Malaysian couple recently.

McDonald's - couple

According to SAYS, the bride, Marisha, decided on the popular fast food establishment as her unofficial wedding and birthday venue. Plus, McDonald’s was the perfect choice since all of her friends loved the food. If you’re wondering if the guests showed up all dressed up, yes they did! There was a black-tie dress code as Marisha thought it was humorous to see her guests all dolled up at McDonald’s.

In case you wondered who was the wedding officiant— it was the Hambuglar! There even were wedding-themed activities planned out for everyone to enjoy including games, cake-cutting, ice-breaking sessions and bouquet tossing. According to SAYS, there was also a free flow of drinks and food throughout the event and guests could order anything they liked, as much as they liked.

Marisha explained to SAYS that that the outlet did not charge her for the venue along with its facilities and the entire event cost her around RM1,500 for a capacity of more than 60 guests.

mcdonalds - logo

One thing that’s for sure, everyone loved it!

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