Sweet Treasures at Mandarin Orchard: Mooncake Review

Mandarin Orchard is without doubt one of Singapore’s top hotels situated right in the middle of Orchard Road. This hotel houses Chatterbox, which revolutionised the concept of eating hawker food in a hotel and made their Hainanese Chicken Rice legendary. We at sethlui.com were invited by Mandarin Orchard for an intimate moon cake tasting gathering recently.

mandarin orchard traditional mooncake

This year, besides the traditional moon cake flavours, the hotel is introducing new exotic flavours that promise to bring your taste buds on an sensory journey with a twist!

mandarin orchard-07104107

mandarin orchard mala mooncake 8 treasures

The baked moon cake with 8-treasure Mala (meaning spicy till it numbs your palate) Sichuan spice and Jamon Iberico makes it debut this year. This moon cake is supposed to be a balanced blend of sweet and savoury with a spicy kick that is unique to Sichuan cuisine; comprising a relatively unique distribution of tastes from Iberico ham and assorted nuts.

Honestly, I am not much of a nuts fan and neither do I eat much spicy food; I would recommend those who like to taste experiment with new exotic flavours to buy this moon cake. The nuts blended well with the Iberico ham but the peppery mala kick seems to be slightly weak. In my humble opinion, I reckon the mala spicy level of this moon cake can be a tad more concentrated.

mandarin orchard-07104110

For those who prefer the traditional flavours (just like me), you will be spoilt for choices with highly popular favourites such as the Baked Mooncake with double yolk and White Lotus Paste, baked mooncake with single yolk and white lotus paste and the Baked mooncake with macadamia nuts, as well as a Low sugar white lotus paste.

Amongst all the various flavours which I tasted, I do find the traditional flavours most suited to my taste buds. The white lotus paste is smooth, tasty but yet not overtly sweet; the moon cake skin is baked till golden brown and has a authentic classic baked fragrance. I highly recommend the low sugar white lotus paste version for the health and weight conscious consumers.

mandarin orchard snow skin mooncake

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Not forgetting the snow skin lovers, Mandarin Orchard’s array of three new flavours should satisfy those who prefer non baked moon cakes.

mandarin orchard yam mooncake

mandarin orchard yuzu cheesecake mooncake

The flavours are mini snow skin yam and yam puree, mini snow skin japanese yuzu cheese moon cake and the mini snow skin green tea paste with azuki red bean mooncake.

Out of the three snow skin options, I much prefer the green tea paste with azuki red bean one. The filling is soft and creamy; almost melts in the mouth with just one bite.

mandarin orchard-07104117

These mid-autumn festival’s sweet treasures will be available at Mandarin Orchard’s Deli counter (Hotel Lobby, Level 1) from 1 st August 2014 till 8th September 2014. Each moon cake delicacy is housed in an elegant red-hued box with intricate gold lattice accents, makes for the perfectly thoughtful gift for family, friends and corporate associates. The prices ranges from $53 to $65 per box.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival, everyone!

For orders or enquiries, please call 6831 6320/6262 or email [email protected]

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