Match Restaurant and Lounge (Pan Pacific): Singapore Review

“Match your own decadent dishes”

match-08077006 Taking over the Royal Room at Pan Pacific Hotel, Match Restaurant and Lounge is a late-night dining concept that serves modern American cuisine in a fun and lively environment. An opulent and sophisticated setting, Match exudes glamour with attitude. The restaurant is named as so to highlight the fact that everyone is different, with main courses that you can mix and match with sides of your choice. match-08077012 The ambience in Match is very industrial-chic, with fixtures of black grills and florescent lighting- a sure fire way to hype up the mood before any after dinner partying. match-08077027 Hori Smoku ($16). Sailor Jerry Rum, Orange Liquer, maraschino liquer, ginger beer, yuzu and Togarashi. Togarashi is a type of Japanese capsicum spice also known as ‘Shichimi’, which they splash on one side rather than rim the martini glass. I felt the flavours could have been a bit more expressive, rather than remaining a bit mild, but still a decent cocktail. match-08077021 Rowdy Roosevelt ($16). Hendricks Gin, Rose Water, Rose Syrup, Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice, Half & Half, Soda. I’m a huge fan of Hendricks, but this combination just didn’t work for me. Rather bland and dull, I don’t think half and half cream and gin blends well together. Combined with a tinge of lime, it was a bit like a diluted calpis. match-08077029 Lily Swizzle ($18). Milagro Bianco, Chambord, lime juice, Hellfire Habanero bitters. Now THIS drink had some kick, with its distinct Milagro Bianco tequila that hits you. The body is a mild tangy flavour but ends off with the complex spicy Habanero bitters. This drink had a lot more character compared to the last 2 cocktails. pretzel-08077018 Soft Pretzel ($6). An interesting hung presentation served with savoury grain mustard sauce and cheddar beef fondue. A salty New York inspired appetizer that compliments the cheddar beef fondue. Definitely a fun bar snack to pair with your drinks, but slightly difficult to maneuver from its hook to your mouth. match-08077014 Crispy Skins ($8). A mixture of deep fried chicken, fish and pork skin dusted with paprika. A pretty ordinary snack but the skins got dull really fast, so do eat them immediately once they are served to savour the crispiness. match-08077025 For starters, we had Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Carpaccio ($24). Thinly sliced raw wagyu that that has a fresh beefy taste, going well with the light vinaigrette dressing which doesn’t over-shadow the quality of beef. It looks exceptionally red because of the radish toppings. match-08077037

For sides, we had Mac & Cheese ($10). The cheese coats the macaroni with even consistency. Rich and luscious, some might get a bit overwhelmed by the generous cheese and carbs. A very comforting dish still to have though. match-08077035 Baby Spinach Gratin ($12). The spinach gratin is served with a poached egg on top of the classic creamed spinach. The choice of Percorino cheese provides an enhanced aroma to this delightful dish, while the egg makes the dish extra creamy with a fuller body. Moving on to mains, this component of the menu resonates well with the restaurant – which allows you to craft your own mains with your choice of sauce and vegetable sides. They have a range of choices that will sure to match your taste buds. They also have a sommelier that is more than willing to help pair your mains with a perfect glass of wine. match-08077030 Brick-Flattened Half Chicken ($28). The chicken is pounded flat to give a wider surface and a thorough even doneness when grilled. The sherry pan gravy was slightly sweet and acidic which compliments the tender, salt-brined chicken well. The skin layer was wonderfully saturated with gravy goodness albeit not having a heavy crispy texture. match-08077034 Charcoal-Grilled Free Range Lamb Cutlets ($39). Cooked in shallot and red wine, and matched with Roasted Bone Marrow and Steamed Asparagus. Succulent meat that has a decent bite to it, you can also opt for the pan-roasted style should you be concerned with the bitter charred taste on your meats (I liked it though as it masks whatever gaminess is left). My only gripe was that I was left wishing for more creamy bone marrow side which was scraped cleaned. match-08077040 As a gesture of hospitality, guests are treated to a delightful cloud of fluffy lychee flavoured cotton candy prior to desserts. Whoever said cotton candy was only for kids? match-08077042 Pizookie ($13). Classic dessert at American diners – freshly baked giant chocolate chip cookie on a skillet, topped with vanilla ice cream and generous amount of chocolate drizzle. I quite like the cookie batter that was of the softer batter variety. match-08077041 Warm Pear & Pecan Brioche & Butter Pudding ($12). I love multi-dimensional desserts, and this is one of them. Moist butter pudding, with caramelized crisps and glazed pear slices; not overly sweet and great to share. match-08077002 I recommend Match Restaurant & Lounge for their cool chic ambience and wonderful service.

Cocktail wise had a a couple of hit and misses, but the wine pairing is done expertly by their sommelier Claire- you can trust her recommendations according to your taste preference. Match is a great place for late night indulgence, be it for a joyous occasion or a romantic date (by shavette). Except for Tuesdays, Match’s dining menu runs late till midnight, while bar snacks can still be ordered till 3 am.

Expected Damage: $60-$100 per pax

Match Restaurant & Lounge: Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595 | Tel: 6337 0800 | Website