McDonald’s breakfasts are about to get sweeter with the return of McGriddles

The famed McDonald’s Breakfast McGriddles are back!

From 30 June 2022, customers are now able to get a bite of the delicious McGriddles during breakfast hours. It comes in three offerings: Sausage McGriddles, McGriddles Stack, and Chicken McGriddles.

McDonald's – A picture of Sausage McGriddles with Egg
Credit – McDonald’s

The classic Sausage McGriddles with Egg (from S$6.70 for à la carte, from S$7.30 for Extra Value Meal) comprises of sweet, maple-flavoured griddle pancakes instead of the usual burger buns, with a savoury chicken sausage patty sandwiched in between a sunny side up and a slice of cheese.

The balance between sweet and salty is what attracts customers to this unique menu item.

McDonald's McGriddles – A picture of McGriddles stack
Credit – McDonald’s

The McGriddles Stack (from S$7 for à la carte, from S$8.35 for Extra Value Meal) is an elevated version of the Sausage McGriddles. It has two chicken sausage patties, and additional crispy chicken bacon for an added crunch.

McDonald's McGriddles – A picture of Chicken McGriddles with Egg
Credit – McDonald’s

Chicken McGriddles with Egg (from S$6.70 for à la carte, from S$7.30 for Extra Value Meal) has a crispy chicken patty instead of the typical chicken sausage patty. It comes with the usual round egg and melted cheese, with a splash of mayonnaise to tie the griddle together.

All McGriddles Extra Value Meal comes with your choice of golden brown Hashbrown or a Corn Cup (3oz), and the default drink is a McCafe Premium Roast Coffee, which can be changed. There is a no-egg option too, for those who do not want egg on their breakfast burgers.

As with most McDonald’s limited menu items, we do not know when the McGriddles will be off the menu, so do grab a breakfast at Macs soon!

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