McDonald’s Japan Drops Their New Rice Burgers For The First Time Avail From 5 Feb

Never would you have thought that McDonald’s will have a rice burger menu. Now, this is a reality with McDonald’s Japan, with three of the chain’s classic burger getting a rice makeover: the Bacon Lettuce Burger, the Teriyaki McBurger and the Chicken Filet O’.

Mcdonald’s Japan Rice Burgers Online 1

For a limited time, from 5 February 2020 till mid-May, the rice burgers are available nationwide in Japan.

Mcdonald’s Japan Rice Burgers Online 3

The Gohan Bacon Lettuce Burger (JPY410) uses 100% beef patties, smoky bacon with lettuce and cheddar cheese, with the savoury soy sauce-flavoured rice that sandwiches all the ingredients perfectly. 


Mcdonald’s Japan Rice Burgers Online 2

The Gohan Teriyaki (JPY390) has a pork patty, paired with ginger-flavoured sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce, as well as lettuce and sweet lemon sauce, to give you a robust flavour profile.


Mcdonald’s Japan Rice Burgers Online 4

Lastly, the Gohan Chicken Filet O’ (JPY410) is sandwiched with a crisp, lightly garnished chicken patty with lettuce and aurora sauce.

These rice burgers will be available as part of the chain’s Yoru Mac (Night Mac) range, a dinner menu that starts at 5pm till closing time (or until 4.59am at 24-hour branches) daily.

Snag them before they are gone, right at McDonald’s Japan now.

Dates & Times: Available at all McDonald’s Japan outlets for Yoru Mac (Night Mac) range, limited time only

Price: From JPY390 onwards

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