McDonald’s launches new Laksa Burger, Pulut Hitam Pie and Teh C Frappe for National Day

McDonald’s will be launching its Singapore-inspired Laksa Delight Burger on 28 July 2022, in tandem with National Day.

The Laksa Delight Burger will come in two variations: Prawn and Chicken. The Laksa Delight Prawn Burger will feature a crispy prawn patty topped with creamy laksa sauce, an egg and fresh purple cabbage slaw.

mcdonalds national day 2022 - laksa delight burger
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

The Laksa Delight Chicken Burger, on the other hand, contains the same ingredients, but with a juicy chicken patty instead of a prawn patty. Each Laksa Delight Burger will cost S$7.40 a la carte, and S$9.10 for an Extra Value Meal.

mcdonalds national day 2022 - teh c frappe
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

Additionally, McDonald’s will also be launching its new Teh C Frappe, priced at S$4.50 for a small size and S$5 for a medium size.

The Teh C Frappe is a refreshing spin on the classic drink, combining rich Teh C with a chocolate powder topping and freshly whipped cream.

Finally, McDonald’s puts a modern twist on a famous local dessert with their new Pulut Hitam Pie (S$1.70), a crispy pastry filled with purple sticky rice coconut cream filling.

mcdonalds national day 2022 - laksa delight feast
Credit – McDonald’s® Singapore

Satisfy your fast food cravings with McDonald’s Laksa Delight Feast (S$10.80), which contains a Laksa Delight Burger in either Prawn or Chicken, medium French Fries, a Pulut Hitam Pie and a small Coke Original Taste Less Sugar.

McDonald’s new Laksa Delight Burger, Teh C Frappe and Pulut Hitam Pie will be available for takeaway and dine-in at all McDonald’s outlets from 28 July 2022. You can also get them via Drive-Thru, McDelivery, GrabFood and foodpanda for a limited time only.

In the past, McDonald’s has launched limited-edition products for National Day, including a Hainanese Chicken Burger in 2021. It’s exciting to see what new locally-inspired products they’ll come up with next!

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