McDonald’s Singapore hints at bringing back its Ninja Burger

The wait is over. You asked, he heard, and he’s almost out of the shadows. Stay tuned for the smoke to clear. Your other favourite is almost here. That was the semi-cryptic message on the McDonald’s Singapore Instagram account on Saturday, 8 October 2022.

mcdonalds - ninja burger poster

It was accompanied by the image of an animated ninja obscured by smoke but still doing a mighty poor job of being inconspicuous. Above were these words: He’s almost here. Watch this space 13 October 2022, 11AM.

We could be very, very mistaken but it seems that the Ninja Burger is back on the McDonald’s Singapore menu this coming Thursday.

mcd - logo

In its previous avatar, the Ninja burger featured a crispy chicken patty covered in nanban sauce, cabbage, cucumber and tartar sauce in a distinctive black ‘charcoal’ bun. In keeping with McDonald’s practices, the composition and presentation is likely to remain unchanged.

The Ninja burger has always been a popular addition to the menu but McDonald’s continues its infuriating habit of introducing delicious alternatives only for brief periods; I still reminisce fondly about the delightful Veggie Crunch Burger that is no more.

Here’s hoping that the Ninja burger will stop being so stealthy and not disappear again.

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