McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie Is Finally In Singapore From 1 March Onwards!

McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie broke the Internet last year when it was launched in Korea, Thailand and Japan. Envy no more, because the famed molten chocolate pie that made waves across Asia is finally headed for Singapore!

Mcdonald Rich Chocolate Pie 5 Online

Ahhh, I can just see the rich chocolate lava oozing out from the flaky and crisp dark chocolate pastry. Priced at 1500 Won (approx. S$1.80) in Korea, Singaporeans can get to savour this affordable decadent pie when it hits stores island-wide on 1 March 2018!

Mcdonald Rich Chocolate Pie 4 Online

With the much-anticipated hype, expect snaking queues across all outlets just for a bite of this chocolate-y goodness.

We Singaporeans know there is never any shame in our unspoken tradition of queueing for anything and everything.

So be civil to one another, get in line and indulge in this limited-time only treat that’ll have you licking your lips for more!

*Update: Seth tried the Chocolate Pie. It’s good.

Date & Time: From 1 March 2018

Price: $1.40

McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie: Available at McDonald’s stores islandwide | Outlets | Website | Facebook

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