McDonald’s SG is making a complete switch to strawless lids

Small changes make big differences—I remember how my friends and I bought metal straws together, started carrying around reusable bags. I still bring a lunchbox whenever I’m taking food away, and always skip out on plastic bags whenever possible. Joining global sustainability efforts is our beloved fast food joint, McDonald’s Singapore, which will only be using strawless lids whenever an order for cold beverages is placed.

mcdonalds strawless lid
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

This initiative is part of their One Last Straw sustainability effort, with a pledge on their Instagram account stating that this initiative is aimed towards zero waste for a better planet.

mcdonalds strawless lid
Credit – McDonald’s Singapore

So far, it’s been met with both praises and scepticism, with some netizens claiming that their strawless lid might utilise either the same amount of plastic, or even more. Some are all for it, claiming that it’s about time big brands take a firm stance in aiding global sustainability efforts. And others are wondering if more can be done to reduce the usage of plastic in general, such as sauce and condiment containers and multiple plastic bags used to wrap food for delivery orders.

All McDonald’s Singapore outlets across our sunny island will no longer be using the typical straw lids we’re used to seeing, and if you’ve been thinking about getting your favourite burger meal for lunch, this is a sign that your cheat day is today.

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