Meaty Western: Western stall with tender marbled steaks, homemade sauces & free mushroom soup with any main

How many of us crave Western food at least once a week? I know I do, especially when I long for a delicious piece of chicken or steak. So, I headed to 539 Bedok North Street 3 in search of Meaty Western, a 6-year-old Western food stall helmed by 33-year-old Mr Andy Wee.

meaty western - coffee shop

The majority of the time, Andy operates as a one-person team, taking care of everything from cooking and production to plating, serving guests, and even managing online orders. He receives assistance from his wife whenever time permits.

meaty western - stall front

Despite not being Halal-certified, Meaty Western ensures that it maintains a pork- and lard-free kitchen. The diverse menu boasts 32 tantalising items, including pasta dishes (with spaghetti exclusively), marbled steaks, lamb chops, burgers, and even all-day brunch options.

Moreover, if you’re a night owl, this stall stays open until 2am; allowing you to satisfy your late-night cravings right here.

For the month of August, Andy is giving free bowls of Mushroom Soup (S$2.50) with every purchase of a main to all of our readers at To be eligible, simply tell him that you’ve read this article; yes, it’s that easy!

There will also be a 10% off (mushroom soup not included) for our readers if they order online (delivery charges not included) with promo code SETHLUI10.

What I tried at Meaty Western

Andy recommended that I try one of their newer items which is not listed on the menu, the Australian Marbled Steak 200g Burger (S$18). Unlike traditional burgers that use minced beef patties, he uses beautifully marbled steaks (just look at it), justifying its slightly higher price point.

meaty western - raw steak

The well-seasoned steaks are placed on a sizzling hot griddle, allowing them to be grilled to perfection, exactly the way you prefer in terms of doneness.

meaty western - grilled steak

The process of crafting the burger like a true masterpiece begins when Andy cuts the steak in half. He spreads mayo on both ends of the sesame bun and torches it to perfection.

Fresh lettuce and tomato are carefully placed on top before the 2 halves of the mouthwatering steak are added. To take the flavour and moisture up a notch, a light drizzle of mushroom gravy is slathered between 2 slices of torched cheddar cheese. Finally, the top is placed on the burger, and voila, it’s time to tuck in!

meaty western - burger assembly

The Australian Marbled Steak 200g Burger was served with our choice of crinkle-cut fries and coleslaw. Slicing it in half, I was delighted to find that the bun remained firm despite sitting for a long time, showing no signs of sogginess.

meaty western - steak burger

meaty western - steak burger halved

The moment my teeth sunk in, I was pleasantly surprised to find the meat still delightfully medium-well and incredibly moist. The tenderness and burst of flavour in the steak left me utterly awestruck.

This experience was a stark contrast to past disappointments, especially when tough meats were poorly incorporated into Philly cheesesteak sandwiches that I’ve had. But with Meaty Western’s Australian Marbled Steak Burger, it was pure bliss!

meaty western - steak burger halved

Unlike other establishments with overly creamy and chunky coleslaw, Andy’s version is made up of finely-chopped cabbage, carrot and red apples tossed in a perfectly balanced sauce-to-vegetables ratio. It didn’t feel overwhelming eating it and we loved it to bits.

Next up was the Grilled Chicken Chop with Nacho Cheese Sauce (S$7.50). At Meaty Western, customers have the option to choose between black pepper, mushroom flavour, or the sauce we selected. We chose crinkle-cut fries (couldn’t get enough of them) and a garden salad consisting of Romaine lettuce, Japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes dressed in homemade vinaigrette.

meaty western - chicken chop

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from the chicken chop due to numerous disappointing experiences in the past from other places. And so, I lowered my expectations.

However, upon tasting it, I was pleasantly surprised. The skin is usually flavourful, but the meat tends to be bland and uninteresting. At last, we have a perfectly seasoned piece of chicken over here! The nacho cheese sauce added tangy and savoury nuances, uplifting the overall deliciousness of the dish.

meaty western - chicken chop closeup

I also ordered an extra serving of Black Pepper Sauce (+S$0.50) to try. It struck a perfect balance— it wasn’t overly ‘in your face’ peppery, yet had pleasant creamy notes with enough heat to let me know of its presence.

meaty western - pepper sauce

The crinkle-cut fries exhibited a delightful crispiness and were seasoned with just the right amount of salt. The larger surface area also ensured that every bite had a satisfying crunch.

meaty western - french fries

We took a breather from the mains and tried the Mushroom Soup (S$2.50 for à la carte, S$2 for add-on with a main). From the very first spoonful, I could tell that Andy’s soup was made from scratch. Score! It bore a striking resemblance to the homemade versions I used to prepare at my previous workplace.

meaty western - mushroom soup

meaty western - mushroom soup pouring

The soup was full-bodied and had lovely textured bits, unlike the watered-down canned versions you often find. Remember to quote that you’ve read this article on our site so you can get this for free with every main dish you order!

We also had the Grilled Salmon with Mentaiko Sauce (S$15.50) paired with mashed potatoes and salad. Andy’s homemade mentaiko sauce combines tobiko, ebiko, and mayonnaise.

meaty western - salmon fillet

meaty western - salmon fillet insides

The salmon retained its moist and tender texture, and when combined with the umami-rich mentaiko on top, it was a heavenly match!

Final thoughts

meaty western - overview

Meaty Western truly deserves a shoutout for their expertly-prepared meats and sides. Thanks to Andy’s extensive experience as a chef in various restaurants before starting his own western stall, you can be assured of savouring top-notch, impeccably seasoned meats of the finest quality.

I encourage the residents of Bedok to try out the dishes and share your honest feedback with us.

Expected damage: S$7.50 – S$20 per pax

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Meaty Western.

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Meaty Western

539 Bedok North Street 3, #01-619 , Singapore 460539

Our Rating 4/5

Meaty Western

539 Bedok North Street 3, #01-619 , Singapore 460539

Telephone: +65 9061 4956
Operating Hours: Wed - Mon (2pm - 2am), Closed on Tue
Telephone: +65 9061 4956

Operating Hours: Wed - Mon (2pm - 2am), Closed on Tue
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