Meet & Melt: Oozing Lava Toasts That Will Make You Go Bow Chicka Wow Wow


Meet & Melt is helmed by a team of three devoted and dedicated family chefs specialising in homemade ice cream, waffles and Shibuya-styled melt and lava toasts. Despite its ‘ulu’ location in Tampines, the dessert cafe is worth travelling to at any economic and opportunity cost.

I say so myself, having spent 20 minutes looking for the cafe but fret not, they are moving to SCAPE soon. Also, they have no GST or service charge. I sincerely think they deserve at least a tip for their friendly service though.


The owners are always looking to improve their services and quality of food. They follow their guests closely on instagram and are grateful for all the support they have received online. So much so that they even printed all these instagram polaroids to doodle all over their walls.


Cookies & Cream Melt’s Toast ($14.90)

Starting off with their to-die-for Melt’s toasts is the Cookie & Cream Melt’s Toast. The toast was insanely crispy on the outside but soft and buttery on the inside. You can feel it slowly melt in your mouth. And you can’t go wrong with Hershey’s and Oreos.

The home-made ice cream also had a nice smooth texture thickened with Hershey’s white chocolate, it surprisingly didn’t melt as quickly as I thought it would in the Singaporean heat.


Ferrero Rocher Melt’s Toast ($14.90)

The Ferrero Rocher is another bestseller. I really liked the chocolate ice-cream and the added crunchiness that the crinkled icing and Ferrero Rocher had. But the Cookies & Cream toast won me over more mostly because I’m biased and love Hershey’s chocolate. I have always felt that Ferrero Rocher was way too rich, but this is totally subjective.

If you’re wondering, these toasts don’t come with filling unlike the lava toasts, which we’ll get to later.


Charcoal Waffle Set ($11.90)

The Charcoal Waffle Set is in tune with the salted egg craze in Singapore as it comes served with Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream and Salted Egg Sauce. The waffles are soft and crispy despite its sturdy appearance with a flavourful salted egg ice cream.


Over the Top Kinder Bueno Banana Milkshake ($14.90)

We continued our dessert run with the over the top milkshake. I fell in love with this instantly. There was a chocolatey sweetness and cheat-day decadence feel to this creamy drink that will make you feel so bad about consuming it but so good at the same time, especially if you’re feeling too warm or had a rough day.

It can get cumbersome though, so finish off the toppings first before it all falls apart.

We finished at Meet & Melt with their a la minute prepared lava toasts, which is quite the hype now in Singapore with their oozy fillings.


Thai Milk Tea Charcoal Lava Toast ($14.90)

I really like Thai milk tea. It’s sweet and full of condensed milk, my two favourite things. The brick toast was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, using a similar basic recipe as the Melt’s Toast, while the Thai milk tea lava within the toast was smooth – it oozed out of the lava toast pleasantly.


Other than the black color, you can’t taste that much a difference from regular toast though, but it makes a great color contrast with the orange tea lava.


Thai Green Tea Lava Toast ($14.90)

With a similar crispy toast, the green tea flavour could have been more robust. Slightly diluted, the green tea element of the toast was somewhat missing.


Nonetheless, it still oozed perfectly! Look at all that green tea lava bursting forth.


one scoop ($3.20), two scoops ($4.80), 3 scoops ($8.40)

I’ve already mentioned how great their ice cream is and it really is, especially with the variety of flavours they come up with. If you ever want to just drop by for ice cream, do it.


I mean, they even have chilli crab ice cream… could chilli crab flavour be the new craze? I thought this tasted a little funky but hey, some people may like it.

Overall, I would re-visit Meet & Melt, especially for the over the top milkshakes! I have a really soft spot for milkshakes… alamak. So much for fit goals, eh? These guys are really quick to adapt to new trends, so there’ll be something new for you to discover each time.

Do note that Meet and Melt will be shifting to SCAPE pretty soon!

Expected Damage: $3.20 – $14.90

Meet and Melt: #01-49, 915 Tampines Street 91, 520915 | Tel: 9185 8173 | Opening Hours: Tues – Fri 3pm – 11pm, Sat & Sun 2pm – 11pm | Website