Meshiya, Outram: “A hearty, satisfying, and value-for-money Japanese meal all in one”

I’ve said many times before that my life-long dream is to run a restaurant, eatery, cafe or bar with family in Singapore. When word got around that Meshiya, the family-run Japanese hawker stall over in Punggol, had opened their second outlet at Everton Park in Outram, I wanted to show my support and find out a bit more about their CBD venture.

Desmond & Alvin - Meshiya Owners

Meshiya is run by Alvin (pictured on the right) and his wife, who have been in the F&B sector for a few years now. The kitchen is helmed by Head Chef Desmond (pictured left), who is in charge of whipping up delicious Japanese fare for hungry customers. 

Unlike their first outlet in Punggol, which is a humble hawker stall, this outlet in Outram is air-conditioned and has its own dining space. Alvin shared that this change allowed them to offer more Japanese items on the menu but more significantly—sashimi.

What I tried

I was greeted by Alvin’s son, who kindly shared Meshiya’s bestsellers. He helps out during peak periods and more so during the school holidays, taking orders and serving guests.

Pork Belly Don at Meshiya

Of the top few he shared with me, the Pork Belly Don (S$7.80) is known to be well-loved by many, including himself. 

This modest bowl keeps things simple; topped with pork belly slices coated in a sweet sauce, the inviting aroma hits pretty quickly once it is set on the table. Of course, we can’t forget the onsen egg, slow-cooked in low temperatures to produce a creamy, delicate custard-like white and yolk.

Onsen Egg on Pork Belly Don at Meshiya

One bite and I could understand why customers would come back for more. The sweetness from the glazed pork belly slices was appetising and paired so well with the short-grain Japanese rice. Mix in the soft-boiled egg for that added creaminess and you have yourself a hearty bowl of goodness. If I had the luxury of living right above Meshiya, I would gladly drop by to sort my work-from-home lunches or easy dinners here. 

I know the meal had just begun, but this was definitely one of the top dishes of the day.

Mixed Sashimi Salad with Sushi Rice

Next up, the new Bara Salad Don (S$14.80). Just one look and I couldn’t quite believe how generous the team at Meshiya were, especially at the low price point for fresh fish. Stacked atop a bed of Japanese short grain rice you’ll find huge chunks of salmon, maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail fish), fish roe, spot prawns, and tamago (sweet Japanese egg). This is one insanely luxurious bowl, for a whopping S$14.80. What a steal!

As one would expect, based on vibrancy, this was fresh goodness in a bowl from the first bite to the last. Plus, with the range of side vegetables complementing the dish, it’s quite the healthy bowl too, right? Now, this is one deluxe meal to relish on good days and bad days—to make it a good one, ha!

Salmon Salad Don

Another sashimi bowl coming in hot to the menu at Meshiya Everton Park, is the Salmon Salad Don (S$11.80). Similar to the Bara Salad Don, this version swaps the mixed fish for just one kind—salmon sashimi. 

I can’t emphasise this enough but for its price point, they’ve knocked it out of the park by keeping costs low while keeping high-quality ingredients. To elevate this dish with a touch of spice and zest, the Homemade Spicy Sauce will do just the trick for an additional S$1. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Mentaiko Salmon Don at Meshiya

One thing that I’ve grown to love more this year, would be anything and everything with mentaiko. Chef-Owner Alvin shared that one of the favourites here among the students who visit is their Salmon Mentai Don (S$9.80). Of course, I said ‘yes’ faster than he could finish his sentence.

A spoonful of mentaiko salmon

The mentaiko sauce is a homemade recipe, with huge bursts of rich umami cutting through with each bite. Paired with the hot, fresh and juicy salmon fillet, this was a bowl so simple in presentation and ingredients, yet so bold with flavours. Trust me, you really can’t go wrong with this.

I’d recommend mixing the mentaiko, salmon, and rice together to even out the flavours but hey, to each his own!

Unagi Roll

Last but not least, we had the crowd favourite snack, Unagi Roll (S$13.80). Each serving consists of six bite-sized pieces, filled with deep-fried crab meat, cucumbers, and seaweed, topped with a teriyaki-glazed slice of eel.

One piece of Meshiya's Unagi Roll

It’s not every day you’d find a humble Japanese eatery serving up unagi on their menu. While it was nothing superb to shout about, I was pleasantly surprised to have that option here at Meshiya, alongside other unagi items. 

Perhaps, the maki series might just be the perfect lineup of premium takeaway snacks!

Final thoughts

A varity of favourites at Meshiya

A hearty, satisfying, and value-for-money Japanese meal all in one. Consider Meshiya an elevated experience from Japanese stalls at hawker centres, serving up modest food at affordable price points for premium ingredients.

If they were located within walking distance from my house, I’d happily drop by every other day to get rice bowls for my work-from-home lunch, maki rolls for a midday snack, and sashimi items for a ‘treat yo’selfmeal. Now, I can only wait for the day they open in the East!

Expected damage: S$6.80 – S$14.80

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Meshiya.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


6 Everton Park, #01-18, Singapore 080006

Our Rating 4/5


6 Everton Park, #01-18, Singapore 080006

Telephone: +65 8690 7837
Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8690 7837

Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm (Daily)
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