Mitte Hot Chocolate Pack comes with an adorable sloth marshmallow that stays afloat on your frothy milk drink

Frankly, we don’t need the winter here in Singapore to enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate—it simply won’t stop us from indulging in this warm beverage. Personally, I’m not someone who likes chocolate but this Mitte Hot Chocolate Pack excites me enough to want to give it a try.

Mitten Hot Chocolate Feature Image

Mitte, a Korean brand that sells various hot chocolate instant packs, is now selling adorable sloth marshmallows on Shopee. Each Mitte Hot Chocolate Box comes with ten sachets of their popular Hot Choco Original and five sloth marshmallows to make a soothing cup of hot chocolate any time of the day, no matter the weather. The marshmallows also come in other adorable animal characters such as rabbits and pandas. 

Here’s the fun part; preparing the drink is super fast and easy in just two simple steps. 

Preparing the Mitte Hot Chocolate

Credit | Screengrab from SuesKawaiiCollection YouTube Channel

Just like how you would usually prepare for your morning coffee, pour a package of one Mitte Hot Choco Original stick into a mug and pour a glass of hot water. Make sure to stir the drink until everything is combined well.

Preparation 2
Credit | Screengrab from SuesKawaiiCollection YouTube Channel

Then, tear the marshmallow pack open and place them on top of the drink to amp up the flavour. It should stay afloat on your hot chocolate. 

Preparation 3
Credit | Screengrab from SuesKawaiiCollection YouTube Channel

And, there you have it. You might’ve seen countless cute animals online, but nothing can match this soft and fluffy version. These marshmallow characters are the perfect addition to your frothy chocolate milk drink and probably worth a quick snap to your add to your Instagram profile.

While boba tea will always have a place in our hearts, these marshmallow trends are bound to be your next obsession. Originally priced at S$25.69, the Mitte Hot Chocolate Pack is now 38% off (S$15.99) with free shipping for orders over S$15. It’s another case of fastest fingers first, as most merchants on Shopee are already sold out of this coveted product. 

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