Morimori Yogashi: Former Michelin chef opens HDB Japanese bakery with stuffed MSW cream puffs, cheesy garlic buns

Stepping into Morimori Yogashi was like stepping into heaven for me. Judging from its beautiful and fancy bakes, you would never be able to tell that this humble little bakery is found at a HDB estate in Everton Park.

morimori yogashi - storefront

Morimori Yogashi was founded by Terrian Lim, a pastry chef who used to work at a restaurant with one MICHELIN star. After leaving his job in 2020, he opened his own HDB bakery, selling quality bakes at wallet-friendly prices.

morimori yogashi - bakes

Fresh bakes are constantly being produced, with a wide array of goodies being sold, including buns, cream puffs, mochi and roll cakes.

What I tried at Morimori Yogashi

morimori yogashi - garlic cheese bread

Morimori Yogashi is most well-known for its delectable cheese garlic buns, stuffed to the brim with stretchy cheese. If you come into the store earlier in the day, you may be treated to the stunning aroma of baked butter and garlic wafting out from the kitchen.

Aside from offering just the basic original garlic cheese flavour, the bakery also has other variations like truffle, black garlic and mentaiko!

morimori yogashi - cheese pull

Pulling apart each warm bun revealed gorgeous strings of glorious, stretchy cheese. If you’re a sucker for a perfect cheese pull, Morimori Yogashi will not let you down.

morimori yogashi - fujisawa garlic bread

First up was the Signature Fujisawa Garlic Bread Small (S$22 for 8 pieces), the original garlic cheese bun flavour at Morimori Yogashi. The surface of the bun was crisp and buttery while the bread within was super soft and bouncy.

morimori yogashi - fujisawa garlic bread

This was without a doubt one of the best garlic cheese buns I had ever had. The garlicky aroma was strong, a stunning combination with the piquant, melty cheese. Plus, the liberal amount of butter made every bite even more sinful and indulgent, sparing no expenses.

morimori yogashi - black garlic cheese bread

The Black Garlic Cheese Bread with Tobiko (S$18 for 4 pieces) was similarly incredible. The beautiful dark brown buns were topped with a hefty amount of tobiko, which gave the bake a pop of colour.

morimori yogashi - black garlic cheese bread

The Black Garlic Cheese Bread with Tobiko was slightly sweeter and richer in taste and texture as compared to the Signature Fujisawa Garlic Bread Small. The tobiko on top also provided an interesting texture, with a smokey aroma.

morimori yogashi - cheese pull

I’m obsessed with all things truffle, so naturally, I loved the Black Truffles Garlic Bread (S$18 for 4 pieces). This bun contained bits of black truffle speckled throughout, with a similarly stretchy and gooey cheese filling.

morimori yogashi - black truffle garlic bread

The truffle aroma did not disappoint, with the umami flavours perfectly melding with the cheese and garlic.

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morimori yogashi - japanese mentaiko seaweed cheese bread

The Japanese Mentaiko Seaweed Cheese Bread Small (S$23 for 8 pieces) surprised me with its incredible amount of mentaiko within. The bun was rich and creamy, and the savoury mentaiko paired perfectly with the rest of the bun, making it the ultimate umami bomb.

morimori yogashi - mao shan wang cream puff

Aside from its garlic cheese buns, Morimori Yogashi’s other signature item is their Hokkaido Milk with Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian Cream Puffs (S$30 for 6 pieces). These glorious cream puffs donned a stunning black surface, with the dollop of Mao Shan Wang cream on top giving the pastry an added touch of elegance.

morimori yogashi - mao shan wang cream puff

We were surprised at how incredibly stuffed the cream puffs were, especially given how thin the choux puff crust was. If you’re a hardcore Mao Shan Wang fan, you’ll absolutely love this dessert — the filling was pure Mao Shan Wang puree, and was incredibly fresh and creamy.

morimori yogashi - cake rolls

As a swiss roll lover, I knew that I had to try Morimori Yogashi’s roll cakes. While these large rolls were firm to the touch, they were surprisingly soft when I cut into them.

morimori yogashi - taro milk roll

The Taro Milk Roll (S$15) was filled generously with taro cream. The cake was soft and pillowy on my tongue, while the taro cream was earthy with a natural yam taste. Plus, the whole cake wasn’t too sweet, much to my delight.

morimori yogashi - magnum chocolate roll

Chocolate lovers have to try the Magnum Chocolate Roll (S$15), which impressed me with its rich cocoa taste and glorious chocolatey-ness. The chocolate crust was a nice touch, with little bits of chopped nuts within that reminded me very much of a Magnum ice cream cone.

morimori yogashi - shio pan

Shio pans are one of my favourite breads of all time, and Morimori Yogashi’s take on this Japanese bun was impressive. The Original Butter Shio Pan (S$2) hit all the right spots, with an intensely buttery fragrance permeating throughout the entire bun. Plus, its crisp exterior and soft, bouncy interior made every bite taste like absolute bliss.

morimori yogashi - shio pan

Morimori Yogashi even has a Japanese Sweet Potato Shio Pan (S$3), filled with bits of Japanese sweet potato. If you love earthy flavours, this shio pan is the one for you, with the mushy sweet potatoes filling the bun with its natural sweetness.

morimori yogashi - shio pan

The Chocolate Shio Pan (S$3) was filled with rich, dark chocolate, elevating the shio pan experience even more.

I personally enjoyed the Original Butter Shio Pan the most as there were no distractions from its rich butteriness, but I’d definitely recommend the Japanese Sweet Potato Shio Pan and Chocolate Shio Pan for their novelty.

Final thoughts

morimori yogashi - cheese buns

Morimori Yogashi is without a doubt one of the most impressive bakeries I’ve been to. Every bake that I tried was expertly crafted, with the most incredible flavours and textures. Plus, the prices were relatively affordable given the high quality of the bakes.

This little shop isn’t like any other typical neighbourhood bakery, and it’s no wonder why it has garnered so much popularity. Though I live on the other side of the country, Morimori Yogashi is a bakery that I would brave the long MRT ride and walk for!

Expected damage: S$3 to S$30 per pax

Humble Bakery: Handcrafted artisanal mochi-filled scones & Injeolmi cakes by ex-Bakery Brera bakers

Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Morimori Yogashi

1 Everton Park, #01-31, Singapore 081001

Our Rating 5/5

Morimori Yogashi

1 Everton Park, #01-31, Singapore 081001

Telephone: +65 9387 1494
Operating Hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 9am - 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 9387 1494

Operating Hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon to Fri), 9am - 4pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
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