Get your hands on this adorable vintage MOSH! toaster oven

Japan is great for many things; the endless sushi bars, the bountiful bowls of ramen, the architecture and so on. But one of the best exports from Japan is the most practical and if you’ve made your rounds in lifestyle store extraordinaire Tokyu Hands then you’ll know about MOSH!.

Mosh Toaster Oven 5

MOSH! is the brand behind these trendy pastel thermos water bottles that will keep your drinks cold or hot. It’s not just a water bottle, this baby is a high-quality, double-walled vacuum insulated bottle—and it looks cute too. The pastel colours were already a must-have, then they came up with metallic finishes for the bottle and one special wood finish. It took every bit of willpower and perhaps a dwindling bank account to buy all of them.

Mosh Toaster Oven 4

Well, as if MOSH! couldn’t impress me any more, they’ve come up with a toaster oven. In true MOSH! fashion, these ovens are just as charming as their water bottles and other lifestyle products. Let me just preface this by saying, you might not have needed or wanted a toaster oven before this one, but after seeing this—you’ll want one.

Mosh Toaster Oven 3

This toaster oven comes three charming colours ivory, peach and brown. There are four dials to control the heat of the oven with a 15-minute timer and according to their website comes with a depth of two slices of bread. I see grilled cheese sandwiches in your future.

Mosh Toaster Oven 2

This retro oven is approximately 22.4cm wide, 32.5cm deep and 24.5cm high. Toaster oven by your bed? Sure, anything is possible with MOSH!. It’s a clean, minimalistic (maybe slightly unnecessary) kitchen accessory that we just need to have. Plus, it’s available on Shopee for S$208.26. Clearly, it’s an investment but I’m already making space for in my kitchen for this.

Date & Time: Available now on Shopee

Price: S$208.26