10 best Muji snacks to get in Singapore

Muji Japan is renowned for curating an unparalleled selection of the finest snacks, making it a haven for food enthusiasts worldwide. From an exquisite assortment of rice crackers, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative flavours, to melt-in-your-mouth chocolates infused with authentic matcha, Muji’s snacks exude a distinct taste of Japan.

Having travelled to Japan earlier this year, I had the opportunity to explore Muji’s global flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. Oh, my stash lasted hardly a month (and I lugged back 15 kilos of goodies, I kid you not). So, I decided to visit Muji Singapore to replenish my pantry with some delectable treats.

Here’s my curated list of the 10 best Muji snacks we can get in Singapore, so you can easily make your selection and satisfy your cravings.

1. Chocolate Coated Strawberry (S$5.30)

muji - chocolate coated strawberry
Credit – MUJI

Strawberry Chocolate Coated Strawberries’ stated the packet I was holding. I had to read that name over a couple of times before I understood what it meant. The editor in me wanted to tell MUJI that there should be a hyphen between the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘coated’. Pedantic semantics aside, the name conjured up wonderful images of the treasures that lay inside.

My other pack read Rum Chocolate Coated Strawberries, which was slightly easier to understand. Once you get to the eating part, there are no faults to be found with either. 

muji - holding choco packets

The Chocolate Coated Strawberries are wonderful little bite-sized pieces of joy. Because they use freeze-dried strawberries to concoct these devilishly addictive snacks, you can be sure that you are getting a healthy dose of vitamins together with the chocolatey goodness. With the strawberry-coated ones, that’s double the good stuff; with the rum-coated ones, well, it’s just ‘better’. 

2. Assorted Small Cakes (S$5.90)

muji - small cakes
Credit – MUJI

The pack of Assorted Small Cakes (S$5.90) contains 15 teensy-weensy little cakes of 3 different types. There are 5 each of Madeleines, Chocolate Cakes and Tarts.

muji - small cakes

I like buying this pack because it gives me a bit of everything for every snacking mood. There is softness and crispiness and chocolatey-ness, all in the single pack. One of the other things that I like is that each is wrapped individually, so there is no pressure to finish the entire pack lest it go bad.

The other thing is that each of the cakes really is tiny, and you can pop them in your mouth one at a time— convenient and free of crumbs, too!

3. Candy Yuzu & Kinkan (S$2.30)

muji - yuzu candy
Credit – MUJI

We’ve all heard of yuzu, pretty much because the whole world seems to delight in adding this tangy citrus gem into all manner of desserts. The kinkan is less well-known, but most of us will recognise it by its  more common name: kumquat.

muji yuzu candy packet

The 2 fruits are not entirely unalike but do have their own distinct flavour profiles. In the Candy Yuzu & Kinkan (S$2.30), though, they work very nicely together to give you a double hit of tang and sweetness. I would say that the easiest way to describe it would be as a mixture of lemon and orange.

This pack of Candy Yuzu & Kinkan is perfect for sucking on all day to stop yourself from being tempted to gorge on bigger, fattier desserts.

4. Apple Jam Sandwich Cookies (S$2.30)

muji - jam cookies
Credit – MUJI

A 50 gram bag of little bite-sized Apple Jam Sandwich Cookies (S$2.30) is a wonderful little infusion of sweet and savoury & crunch and softness into your day.

muji - jam cookies

I actually feel that I was misled slightly by my own expectations after reading the name. As I was about to take my first bite, I had huge expectations that there would be a huge burst of apple flavour from the jam. Instead, what I got was a very mellow and restrained affair.

Despite my initial disappointment, the tiny buggers started to grow on me. If you like more subtle tastes instead of an in-your-face flavour shock, these innocent and very composed apple jam sandwiches are exactly what you need.

5. Yogurt Chocolate Cranberries (S$3.30)

muji - cranberries coated with chocolate
Credit – MUJI

I have to admit, some of MUJI’s snacks really amazed me with the way they married different ingredients and flavours. The perfect example is the 57 gram pack of Yogurt Chocolate Cranberries (S$3.30).

muji - chocolate cranberries packet

Built around a centre of cranberries straight from the USA, these sweet delights are then coated with a lovely layer of yogurt chocolate (are they?) This makes for a nice creamy shell that has just the right amount of bite over a more chewy fruit centre.

The mild sweetness and sharp tang of the cranberries are simply delightful. Those distinct explosions on your tongue are made even better in contrast with the smooth and creamy yogurt chocolate. A lovely and creative confection that has become a mainstay of my office tabletop.

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6. Plum & Sugar Rice Crackers ($3.30)

muji - rice crackers
Credit – MUJI

I was really blown away by the Plum & Sugar Rice Crackers (S$3.30). The first thing that hits you about them is also the best thing about them— that wonderful texture. I loved the grainy, poke-y feel of the dusting both on my hands and my tongue!

muji - plum crackers packet

Fortunately, the crispy snack follows up with a heck of a taste profile as well. There were so many flavours regaling my tongue at the same time that I didn’t even know how to identify them. Turning to the ingredient list for a rescue, I found that this seemingly simple snack contains pickled plum flakes, kelp soup stock and dried bonito extract seasoning, among a host of others.

Taste it to believe it!  

7. Japanese Lolly with Plum (S$2.90)

muji - lolly with plum
Credit – MUJI

Oh my! How astonishingly pretty are these golden-hued little lollies— I was in love the moment I saw them for the first time! Wrapped individually to prevent them sticking together and ruining that beautiful form, they are a visual treat.

muji - lollies

I am actually wondering if I’m placing them on my favourites list more for their prettiness. You will understand once you see them— the lollies glow a golden yellow almost as if illuminated form the inside. The little bits of red plum flakes are all unique and it all comes together almost like a piece of art!

Taste-wise they are subtle and have just the right amount of sweetness. As the yellow-tinged lolly melts away, the tiny bits of plum are set free, which is a wonder of both taste and texture. 

8. Syrup Coated Corn (S$1.90)

muji - popcorn
Credit – MUJI

“Deep ocean sea water” read the third item on the ingredient list. With a description as exotic as that, how could I not buy? I don’t know what I expected the deep ocean to taste like but the Syrup Coated Corn (S$1.90) certainly tastes like popcorn coated with honey.

muji - popcorn packet

The corn is from the USA and the water from deep below the sea, almost like the underwhelming live action remake of The Little Mermaid is already getting a sequel. Fortunately, this agreeable snack would make even that stinker of a movie bearable. (Or maybe not)

 9. Non Fried Snack Scallop & Soy Sauce (S$2.60)

muji - fried scallop snacks
Credit – MUJI

Non-fried savoury snacks are not quite as common as they should be, and I am always on the lookout for these healthier alternatives. MUJI’s Non Fried Snack Scallop & Soy Sauce (S$2.60) fits the bill perfectly. It apparently also contains no more than 10g sugar per serving.

muji - fried scallop snack

The health-conscious aspects of this snack don’t stop there— the grain used here isn’t plain rice flour but 2 kinds of millet, several different beans, black rice and black sesame, among others.

You would think that with all those healthy alternatives crammed into the single snack that it would turn out inedible. Not the case! The scallop flavour wraps itself around these little sticks like white on rice. Overall, one of the best healthy snacking alternatives that you could find anywhere.

10. Double Chocolate Marshmallows (S$5.60)

muji - marshmallows with chocolate filling
Credit – MUJI

If there are marshmallows, they have to be on this list. MUJI has a number of marshmallow flavours and my hands-down favourite is the Double Chocolate Marshmallows (S$5.60). Soft and pillowy as you would expect, they are given a bonus dose of chocolatey goodness to create a really addictive snack.

muji - marshmallow packet

I am fine eating them on them straight out of the packet any day but, if you get the chance, try heating them over a flame. That makes the chocolate inside go all melty and gooey and completely transforms the experience. There’s something to be said about the char that marshmallows get when they get singed, too. Do note that the Double Chocolate Marshmallows contain gelatine.

Which is your favourite snack?

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