myBurgerLab: Burger Terrer Shouts Summer With Coconut-Infused Jellies & Sambal Penyet Sauce This Jun

It’s 2019 and we’ve seen some crazy weird food combinations, like this Oreo Cheese Crab. Either you love it… Or you don’t. I know I do. Meanwhile, myBurgerLab has created something new for fans of food trends!


Taking their namesake literally, myBurgerLab are the pioneers in the field of experimenting new burgers with their iconic black buns. This summer, they’ve been busy in their secret laboratory, with the Burger Terrer in town.


Take your favourite fried chicken thigh, pair it with coconut-infused jellies, then drench it in a creamy coconut sauce. Finish it off with Sambal Penyet and Creamy Lime sauce. That’s double the coconuts for your summer-lovin’ spirits.


I was just in Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago, and my friend kindly introduced me to myBurgerLab. It was the most incredible burger experience of my life. Only one word: shiok!

Honestly, I would have never tried downing a full-sized burger holding a patty smothered with peanut butter and jelly. But oh boy, while you’re there, you have to try Jammin’ With Elvis at least once.

Dates & times: Available at all myBurgerLab outlets from 3 June 2019

Price: RM 17