Nando’s Malaysia releases all-new Vusa XXHot flavour, not for the faint-hearted

Nando’s, the South African multinational fast food chain that specialises in flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken is very well known in Singapore and Malaysia. Nando’s Malaysia recently released a brand new limited-edition flavour, known as the Vusa XXHot flavour from 9 May to 4 September 2022. It’s the fiercest, spiciest flavour ever introduced.

nandos malaysia vusa xtra hot

The Vusa XXHot flavour is made with a blend of African bird’s eye chilli, garlic and lemon, said to be derived from an ancient recipe. The word Vusa in South Africa’s Zulu language means to awaken and excite. The intense flavour and heat is meant to awaken one’s senses and excite the taste buds for anyone who has the guts to eat it.

peri meter

Nando’s Malaysia currently has five levels on their PERI-ometer, ranging from Plain…ish, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Xtra Hot. Their new Vusa XXHot is positioned at their highest level above the Xtra Hot.

Vusa XxHot meal

Their Vusa XXHot Meal (RM27.90) consists of a quarter piece of their succulent chicken with any two sides of your choice and a bottomless soft drink that will help reduce the heat from the fiery spicy chicken.

nandos frozen yoghurt

You can also indulge in an icy-cold Bottomless Frozen Yoghurt (RM2.90) which is only available at selected Nando’s restaurants. This promotion is only valid if you’ve purchased the Vusa XXHot Meal.

The next time you travel across the causeway to Malaysia,  do check out Nando’s new offerings— I know I will!

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