New Zealand Food Connection 2017: Rejoice! Fresh, Sustainable NZ Produce Is Coming To Singapore Soon To Satisfy All You Health Junkies

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New Zealand Trade & Enterprise brought back the annual New Zealand Food Connection to Singapore on 18 May 2017 for local chefs, buyers and food influencers.

As a health junkie, I have always loved New Zealand’s high quality produce that’s available here in Singapore — especially with my growing interest in the products’ food safety and sustainability, beyond just its nutrition and taste.

New Zealand’s Wines & Beer

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There is more than just organic and vegan-friendly products available as Singaporeans are creating a greater demand for New Zealand’s wines and beer.

With vineyards and breweries interested in exporting more award-winning beverages to our shores, you will soon be able to find a greater variety of New Zealand wines and craft beers in stores!

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The trade event also showcased a range of eco-healthy food products including free-range EcoEggs, artisan water, premium juices, lemonade and organic peanut butter. There was also a great emphasis placed on allowing buyers and chefs to understand where these products came from and how it’s produced — to allow them to understand why it is different and special for the Singaporean market.

Research experts and trade representatives from New Zealand and Singapore were also present for a panelist discussion which explored the overall challenges and trends impacting the current food and beverage landscape in Singapore and how New Zealand products would help with that

I have always dreamed of the day quality and health products can be easily found off the racks of NTUC similar to those in Australia’s and New Zealand’s departmental store — guess we’re not too far from that now!

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