Munch On Tasty Nut Mixes From Nuts And Snacks Available Now

When the munchies come around, it’s hard to resist scarfing down a bag of potato chips. But, you know what they say, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. If you find yourself at a loss when those mid-afternoon hunger pangs come, fret not, Nuts and Snacks has got you covered.

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With a wide selection of nut mixes for you to choose from and 13 different combinations of nuts and dried fruits, you’ll never be bored.

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One of the mixes that caught my eye has to be their Raw Power (S$2.19 – S$17.52) mix. With high-quality ingredients such as diced apricots, almonds, cashew nuts, jumbo raisins and coconut chips sourced from New Zealand, you’ll have just the right amount of sweet and crunch.

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Or try the Superboost (S$3.15 – S$25.18) for the ultimate midday pick-me-up. As one of the four macadamia blends from Nuts and Snacks, this chunky mix even has indulgent dark chocolate bits to keep your anti-oxidants levels up and you satiated till dinner. 

Since Nuts and Snacks is an online wholesale retailer, you can buy nuts online in bulk and not break the bank.

With sizes from 100g, 500g and even 1kg bags, you’ll have moreish nibbles for days. Hold on, it gets better. Nuts and Snacks is offering 10% off for purchases of more than 500g and 20% off if you size up and purchase more than 1kg worth of product. That’s truly more bang for your buck.

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You can do more with your nuts than just eat them. Besides their mixes, there is also an array of Natural and Roasted Nuts at your disposal. With a little help from Google, you can easily make your own nut milk and nut butter. Talk about being a whiz in the kitchen.

If there is somebody you’re nuts about, then send them a surprise with Nuts And Snacks’ Gift and Snacking Box (S$30). Here, you’ll get a total of 1kg worth of Nuts and Snack’s finest that’s specially chosen by them —you’re surely in for a treat! If this is a gift, you can even add a sweet note to show how much you care.

Plus, Nuts and Snacks has free delivery for orders above S$80. Yes, go nuts!

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That’s not all, from now till 14 June 2020, you’ll also receive a tub of UMF 10+ Manuka Honey (worth S$39.90) for every S$150 spent. I don’t need to tell you about the multitude of benefits of manuka honey, and paired with Nut and Snacks’ mixes, you’ll be unstoppable.

Date & Time: Available now on their website here.

Prices: From S$2.35 per pax