Spice It up With Ooh Mala SG’s Mala Marshmallows Now Only on Shopee

Remember when Ooh Mala Singapore announced on their Facebook that they were releasing mala marshmallows close to April Fool’s? Well, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It’s an Easter launch instead! 

Why marshmallows then? If you haven’t heard, there’s a Chubby Bunny Challenge where you have to stuff as many mala marshmallows in your mouth and say “ooh”. If you’re up for the challenge, be sure to post an Instagram story of you doing the challenge and hashtag “#MalaChubbyBunny”. 

Upon the release of these highly-anticipated marshmallows, I decided to give them a try from the comfort of my home. It’s easy to purchase these on Shopee and have them delivered right to your doorstep—you won’t have to step out of the house to get your snack fix! 

Ooh Mala Marshmallow Singapore Apr 2020

If you think it sounds funny, wait till you actually taste it. Coming in small little jars you usually spot your Chinese New Year snacks in, you can peer in and see pieces of marshmallows sprinkled generously with red hot mala powder. 

I typically have a high spice tolerance but wow, these were spicy. I wasn’t really accustomed to the sweet and spicy flavours that came with the marshmallows. I would say that these were not my cup of tea, but if you’re a huge mala lover, it might be for you. 

Ooh Mala Marshmallow Singapore Apr 2020 6

The marshmallows were fluffy and sweet on the inside but extremely peppery on the outside. Coated with mala powder, the numbing sensation was absolutely strong, along with its sharp flavourful spice. 

There was no doubt that I had to get a few glasses of water upon trying this hot and spicy snack! I thought it was pretty cool that the mala flavours were so strong because I noticed that many other mala-flavoured snacks are very mild. 

Ooh Mala Marshmallow Singapore Apr 2020 3

I also tried the Mala Potato Chips which I loved because of its crunchy texture. I could see why this can be highly addictive—I couldn’t stop myself from reaching for more. With strong fiery notes of mala, it makes the perfect tidbit to munch on when you’re feeling peckish. 

Ooh Mala Marshmallow Singapore Apr 2020 4

The flavours in the Mala Cassava Chips were milder than that of the Mala Potato Chips. Still providing that spicy kick, these chips bore subtle hints of sweetness which mixed well with the mala powder. 

Ooh Mala Marshmallow Singapore Apr 2020 5

I also tried the Mala Peanuts, but unfortunately, I found them pretty mundane other than the mala powder sprinkled on them. I can’t imagine any other way mala can be enjoyed as a peanut snack, so if you like peanuts more than chips and munch on them often, this might just be the snack for you. 

Ooh Mala Singapore’s spicy treats come in a Trio Snacks Bundle (S$18.50), ready to keep you well-fed to get through this circuit breaker. What’s more—you get to support our frontline warriors by snacking on these delights. Ooh Mala Singapore will be donating S$1 to Singapore General Hospital with every hashtag made for their #MalaChubbyBunny challenge.

What are you waiting for? Order your Ooh Mala Singapore Trio Snacks Bundle today and take part in this fun and delicious initiative. 

Dates & Times: Now available on Shopee

Price: S$18.50 per bundle