Out Of The Cake Box: Local Patisserie In Telok Blangah Sells Cakes With Interesting Asian-Inspired Flavours

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Situated in the old-school neighbourhood of Telok Blangah, Out Of The Cake Box is a patisserie that has been winning everyone over with their specially curated cake selection. Combining a love for childhood sweets and local desserts, they have reinvented the traditional cakes into their very own rendition — one that is both unique and creative.

Carrying a whole selection of cakes and treats that are made in-house daily, you can always expect fresh batches of baked goods each time you visit.

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Tucked away in a small shop, the simplistic space features a display counter where customers can select and take-away the dessert of their choice. If you have time to spare, you can also choose to enjoy your cakes at their small seating area.

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The Takoh Belle ($6.50) is a three-tier cake consisting of baked pandan cheesecake at the bottom, followed by a smooth layer of sweet corn mousse and a rich coconut custard blend on the upper most tier. All this is topped with some agar jelly and sweet corn.

Taste-wise, it struck a great balance between salty and sweet. The top layers, in particular, were light and paired really well with the more dense cheesecake and crumbly biscuit base. With each layer adding a different texture to the cake, it was constructed wonderfully. 
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Ah, the classic Chendol Fudge ($5.50). The Gula Melaka sponge cake is alternately layered with delicious rims of coconut fudge and chendol fillings made out of atap chee, red bean and pandan jelly.

The sponge cake itself boasts a creamy and fluffy texture that complements the strong chendol flavour very nicely. The fudge had just the right amount of sweetness, courtesy of natural ingredients like the coconut and gula melaka.

This take on the local chendol treat was perfectly executed. In fact, I liked this even better than the actual dessert, so that’s saying a lot.

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Taking on a more traditional look, the Rose Lychee ($5.50) had an aromatic rose fragrance that came from the rosewater sponge cake. With fresh lychee cream under each tier inserted together with bits of lychee and strawberry jelly, this was one of the most refreshing picks yet. The floral accents really hit the spot, as well. 

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While there was nothing particularly special about the Hazelnut Latte ($5), it served as a great pick-me-up for the day. Sure, this was not gourmet coffee but I simply can’t do without some form of caffeine to go with my desserts.

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Customers can also get their hands on their cookie treats. They currently have three flavours to choose from: Green Curry Tempeh Cookies ($8.80), Kaya Lychee Cookies ($8.80) and Cereal Prawn Cookies ($8.80).

I sampled the Cereal Prawn Cookies and they were amazing. Unlike the typical sweetened cookies, there is a hint of spice that is induced from the chilli padi and fresh curry leaves — both of which were paired nicely with the bits of dried baby shrimps. Now, you can have your favourite tze char dish in biscuit form.


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Although I was unable to try the other cake flavours due to them being sold out by popular demand, the ones that I did try certainly satisfied my sweet tooth. Incorporating local flavours into western cakes, the products at Out Of The Cake Box really takes fusion to a whole other level.

I will definitely be back for more whenever I’m craving for a dessert fix or should they decide to bring in other new and exciting Asian flavours in their bakes.

Address: Out Of The Cake Box, #01-173, Blk 45, Telok Blangah Drive, Singapore 100045 | Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (12pm – 8.30pm), Saturday (12pm – 9pm), Sunday & PH (10am – 5pm), Closed on Mondays | Tel: 6271 1975 | Website