Indulge in creative durian dishes like durian spaghetti, milkshakes & brownies at Pang Zi Durian

Our little red dot can never get enough of the king of fruits, can it? Testament to that is Pang Zi Durian, and no prizes for guessing it right, yes it’s all about the durian! This cosy dessert cafe with its yellow walls is a warm welcome from the hubbub of the city, and they’ve got just what you need to beat the summer heat.

Bringing you the freshest pick of the season, they specialise in handcrafted durian desserts and some yum ice cream to help escape the city’s sun. 

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Their latest menu items include classics like the Durian Milkshake (S$6.50) and the D24 Sticky Rice (S$7.90) that’s basically the durian version of the mango sticky rice: glutinous rice with coconut cream and durian pulp. 

A unique highlight that’ll have you taking a double look is the Durian Spaghettieis (S$11.90). Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong. With a generous amount of coconut flakes and cream, it just looks like pasta but is entirely dessert based. The Classic Flavour Spaghettieis (S$7.90) has good old vanilla, strawberry and dark chocolate to pick from. For the premium experience at S$9.90, try out pistachio, Ferraro Rocher, lychee yuzu, and coffee toffee brownie. These are drizzled in strawberry sauce to give the appearance of tomato sauce, and white chocolate chips are shaved in front of you until you say stop.

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Credit – Pang Zi Durian

Aside from the new menu additions, the bestsellers are pretty drool-worthy too. The Durian Mousse is priced at S$5.50, and you can stock up on the D24 Durian Puffs (10 for S$10, 30 for S$28). They’ve got some durian variety too with the MSW Craquelin Puffs, set at six for S$12.80. To truly indulge yourself, go all out with the Black Gold that’s brownie filled with durian pulp with a scoop of refreshing MSW gelato on top, all for S$9.90.

What better way to celebrate national day month than with the city’s most beloved fruit?  

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Pang Zi Durian

492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-18, Singapore 640492

Pang Zi Durian

492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-18, Singapore 640492

Operating Hours: 1pm - 10.30pm (Mon to Thu & Sun), 1pm - 12.30am (Fri & Sat)

Operating Hours: 1pm - 10.30pm (Mon to Thu & Sun), 1pm - 12.30am (Fri & Sat)
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