Admire all the beautiful pasta-bilities with this Instagram account

There are a lot of things I love, Taylor Swift, terrazzo tiles, Instagram filters that make me ten times better is just some of them. Right there at the top five, is pasta and if they look these from David Rivillo, then my love for pasta knows no bounds.

We all know that ‘pasta art’ is not some new-fangled thing, with the famous Salty Seattle bursting on to the scene a couple of years ago and wowing everyone with her colourful pasta. Yes, the pasta-bilities were endless. Pasta could come in vibrant shades of blue, purple and green and look like stuff right out of the candy store. Heck, Linda Miller Nicholson of Salty Seattle could make these dough strands look like the notorious RBG.

Green and orange Pasta Art David Rivillo 1

Well, David Rivillo, a chemist with a PhD and a chef, is clearly a man after my own heart. A serious dabbler into the pasta arts, David makes mind-bending pasta that might be too pretty to eat. This beauty comes in an almost neon green cloak that’s flecked with fluorescent orange ovals. It looks so high fashion, this little dumpling could be walking down the runway, and nobody would bat an eye.

collection of black Pasta Art David Rivillo 2

David uses his knowledge of food science to push what the humble pasta can offer. Let us admire this debonair collection of ravioli that comes with intricate patterns and designs deserving of a standing ovation. There is surgical precision that David delivers with these designs, and we’re kind of jealous at what a triple threat he is.

Raviolo Pasta Art David Rivillo 4

You would think that one design is more than enough, but David has to go one step further and combine two of them in this stunning raviolo. Ugh, just looking at it makes me want to reach out and grab it. Needless to say, scrolling through David’s Instagram has definitely made me crave so pasta, so I know what I’m having for dinner. And if you want to achieve some level of perfection, make sure to listen to this Barilla playlist so that your pasta comes out perfect every time.

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