Peach Garden CNY Takeaway Packages 2017: Enjoy A Fancy Reunion Dinner In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Last Updated: January 14, 2017

Written by Cheryl Tan

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If you’re sick of having reunion dinners in crowded restaurants, why not gather all your relatives and eat comfortably at home? Peach Garden is offering three takeaway Chinese New Year Prosperity Packages this 2017, combining items such as yu sheng, soup, rice, pen cai, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and desserts.

The packages start from $488++ and can serve eight to ten people, yet my 11 hungry colleagues and I ate our fill and we still couldn’t finish it all.

Peach Garden-2

I daresay that 15 people could comfortably finish the package, assuming you don’t have any relatives with too big an appetite. These packages and other snacks like biscuits are only available until 11 Feb 2017, so remember to place your order early.

A point to note: If you purchase the packages or standalone yu sheng and opt for home delivery, smoked salmon will be provided instead of fresh salmon, so do self-collect for fresh sashimi slices!

Peach Garden CNY Prosperity Packages 2017: Outlets | Order Online Here | Website

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