Pepper Lunch: Quality ingredients, wide variety & value-for-money meals loved by everyone

With more than 300 outlets in Japan, Asia, and Australia, Pepper Lunch is dedicated to delivering speedy and delicious meals which are great value for money.

pepper lunch - stall front

They offer a smorgasbord of dishes keeping everyone in mind, from kids to adults and even seniors. Dining here is a fun and visual experience where you get the opportunity to sizzle and cook your own food (just like a professional chef).

pepper lunch - restaurant interior

That’s not all, only ingredients with the utmost quality that have gone through stringent quality checks are being utilised. This includes U.S beef slices, Australian beef for their steak cuts, sashimi-grade salmon slices and pasteurised eggs— I must say, their food is… Simply Irresistible!

What I tried at Pepper Lunch

pepper lunch - beef pepper rice

I got the ball rolling with the Beef Pepper Rice (S$10.90), which was served in a sizzling hot teppan. Visually, a treat!

It consisted of short-grained rice surrounded by slices of U.S beef, topped with freshly-ground black pepper (ground in-house daily), sweet corn kernels and spring onions.There was also Pepper Lunch’s exclusive margarine hidden underneath it all!

pepper lunch - cooking

After a good mix, the flavours from the margarine and juices from the natural meat enveloped every single grain of rice. I took things up a notch by pouring their Honey Sweet Brown Sauce over it.

pepper lunch - ready rice

pepper lunch - closeup of rice

You get tender beef with fluffy rice, accompanied by a subtle peppery kick at the end of each bite. I also loved the mini bursts of sweet corn and the faint sweet notes coming from the honey sweet brown sauce— so addictive!

If you’re a big eater, order the Jumbo Beef Pepper Rice (S$13.90). You won’t regret it!

pepper lunch - the giant

I moved on to The Giant (S$26.90). It came in a sizzling teppan with 230g Australian rib-eye steak all sliced up, mashed potatoes with gravy, sliced raw garlic, corn kernels, oyster mushrooms, broccoli, and a bowl of short-grained rice.

You’re also allowed a choice of 1 dipping sauce: cheese steak sauce, hickory BBQ sauce or brown steak sauce— I decided on the first one.

pepper lunch - margarine spread

pepper lunch - steak upclose

I began by smearing the decadent margarine on top of the sliced steak before flipping them over piece by piece. It had a good sear with deep browning on both sides. I then proceeded to pour the Garlic Soy Sauce over the meat. To prevent your meat from getting overcooked, you can simply place your steak above the cooked vegetables.

pepper lunch - steak dunking into cheese
I dunked my thick cut of rib-eye into the cheese steak sauce which gave off  a robust cheddar taste. It paired really well with the garlicky-seasoned meat which was tender and lean.

pepper lunch - beef cube

The next dish was the Diced Cut Steak (S$19.90). It came with a 150g serving of Australian beef cubes together with mashed potatoes with gravy, sliced raw garlic, corn kernels, oyster mushrooms, broccoli, and a bowl of short-grained rice.

The beef cubes melted in my mouth the second my teeth sunk into them, and had juicy bursts of fatty goodness. Absolutely lovely.

pepper lunch - beef cube upclose

I chose hickory BBQ sauce as my dip, which was the perfect pairing for my beef. It was incredibly smoky and aromatic without being overly sweet.

pepper lunch - meat deluxe

Next on the list was the Ultimate Meat Deluxe (S$20.90). It had diced cut Australian beef steak, U.S beef slices, beef hamburg, chicken thigh, a chicken-cheese sausage, sliced raw garlic, corn kernels and broccoli— a great deal for meat lovers!

pepper lunch - chicken upclose

pepper lunch - chicken hamburg

The chicken thigh was incredibly soft and moist while the beef slices melted in my mouth with ease. You can pair the meat with the sliced garlic for an enhanced aromatic experience. The beef hamburg was also luxuriously tender and had good flavour.

pepper lunch - chicken and scallop rice

The next dish was the Scallop & Chicken Cheesy Sizzling Rice with Cheese Curry Sauce (S$15.90). If curry is not your cup of tea, they offer a cheese creamy brown sauce as well.

It came with rice topped with corn kernels and chilli strips, 6 scallops with sliced onions, chicken thigh pieces, and a dollop of their signature margarine on top.

pepper lunch - pouring of sauce

After melting the margarine on the teppan, I sautéed the sliced onions with the scallops and chicken thighs until they were browned and fully cooked. I then poured the viscous cheese curry sauce over it.

pepper lunch - sauce poured

Within seconds, I could hear the intense bubbling of the rich sauce on the hot plate, and the generous shreds of mozzarella cheese started to melt.

pepper lunch - cheese lifting

I was in cheese curry heaven as I immersed my tender chicken pieces and juicy scallops into the sauce. The curry was very hearty and the rich stretchy cheese just enhanced everything. This was a delicious dish.

pepper lunch - salmon and prawn pasta

Last but not least, we had the Seafood Cheese Creamy Brown Pasta (S$13.90). It was served with pieces of shrimp and salmon slices together with spaghetti, topped with parmesan powder.

pepper lunch - pouring of sauce

After mixing the pasta together with its ingredients, I drizzled the cream and brown sauce mixture all over and gave it a good mix.

pepper lunch - finished pasta

What’s there not to love with this dish? Fresh salmon and plump shrimp, perfectly al dente spaghetti and an indulgent cream sauce to boot— absolutely scrumptious!

pepper lunch - sides n dessert

Looking for something light? You can order the House Salad (S$4.50) which comes with wafu dressing. They also have side dishes like Edamame (S$3.50) and Miso Soup (S$3.50). To end your meal on a sweet note, try the Seasonal Dessert (S$4.50) (changes every 2 months). As a chocolate lover, I was lucky to get the Choco Overload Cake which was divine!

Final Thoughts

pepper lunch - final shot

At Pepper Lunch, customers get to indulge in the wide variety of offerings which use only quality ingredients. They are not only delicious but also great value for money (prices stated are all after GST and there is no service charge.)

Head down to any Pepper Lunch restaurant near you today and experience it for yourself!

Expected damage: S$14 – $30 per pax

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Pepper Lunch.

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