Pepper Steakhouse and Bistro: Singapore Food Review

 “Family style steaks”

Pepper steakhouse great world

One of the more underrated steak restaurants in Singapore, Pepper Steakhouse serves up carefully sourced steaks predominantly from New Zealand, with a mix of mid-range priced steaks, as well as larger portioned ones for sharing.

Located in Great World City, which isn’t the most accessible mall, Pepper steakhouse targets families at more affordable prices.

pepper steakhouse restaurant bistro

The interior is reminiscent of a classic American steakhouse with its wooden fixtures, yet has a small modern touch to the decor and comfy leather chairs.

We’re trying a lot of steaks today which are all either from New Zealand or Australia.

pepper steakhouse crab cake

Crispy Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes ($15). I have to say, these are some of the best crab cakes I’ve had even compared to the premium restaurants. A nice crisp exterior (adeqaure breading) with generous fillings of crab.

Goes very well with the sweet mango salsa as well to further bring out the sweetness.

pepper steakhouse lobster bisque

Lobster Bisque. A very balanced and not overly smoky taste. Some places makes it so concentrated you get that distinct bitter shell flavour which I don’t particularly fancy. Chef ran out of lobster today and had to use prawns as the meat instead, which was a pity as the soup would have been almost perfect.

pepper steakhouse chateaubriand

New Zealand Grass Fed ‘Savannah’ Black Angus Beef- Chateaubriand fillet ($72). At 500g, the price is actually pretty reasonable. Being grass fed, this has quite a beefy taste but is still quite tender from the evenly cooked pinkness.

Chateaubriand is pretty much a recipe for thick cut of tenderloin fillet served with sauces.

pepper steakhouse tomahawk

Australia Grass Fed ‘Sondella’ Angus Beef- Tomahawk ($98). An 800g tomahawk steak, I’d have to say this was quite disappointing as it was a bit overcooked more to medium well, while the beefiness was a bit too much. Quite tough to bite despite the nice photo.

pepper steakhouse wagyu

New Zealand ‘Firstlight’ Grass fed Wagyu- Ribeye marbling 3-6 ($54). Although we only got to try the BMS 3-6 wagyu, this was very good wagyu for its price. You can taste the fats within while still having some flavour from being grass fed, and it’s not overly ‘jelat’ like pure Japanese A5 wagyu. Very enjoyable.

Originating directly from a Japanese farm near Miyazaki, Firstflight has the largest pure bred wagyu beef herd in the world.

Pepper steakhouse savannah black angus

New Zealand Grass Fed ‘Savannah’ Black Angus Beef – Ribeye ($35). Same breed as the Chateaubriand, but not as good. My knife met quite a bit of tendons, making this cut quite chewy. Heavy beefy flavours as well, but if there’s 2 of you, I’d suggest getting the Chateaubriand fillet instead.

pepper steakhouse lava cake 2

pepper steakhouse lava cakeChocolate Lava Cake ($8). Although not as flowy (perhaps because I took some time to take the photo), this was an amazing chocolate lava cake. Not overly sweet, a crusty top and goes perfectly with the vanilla ice cream. A simple, classic American dessert.

pepper steakhouse sticky date pudding

Legendary Sticky Date Pudding ($8). Lathered with heavy butterscotch sauce, the pudding itself was quite subtle and fluffy. Another good dessert.

All steaks come with unlimited fries and choice of sauces and butters, including Red wine, Rosemary, Mushroom, Confit shallot, Black pepper, and Bearnaise. I never ever finish the standard portion of fries anyway, so you don’t have to worry about walking away hungry.

pepper steakhouse menu

The set dinners and lunches are actually pretty affordable if you can travel to Great World city.

Steaks are sourced from New Zealand, which is not very common for steak restaurants, because the parent company has close ties to the suppliers there, and can get first choice. Nothing too fancy at Pepper steakhouse, but good enough for the family.

Expected Damage: $50-$70/pax

Pepper Steakhouse and Bistro: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #01-66/67, Singapore 237994 | Tel: 6887 3229 | Website

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