Photojournalist Internship in Singapore

We’re looking for super interns who can write and take photos well

Types of internship

  • Photojournalist Interns. This article will focus on photojournalist interns.
  • Videography Interns <- read more

Who are you looking for?

We want people who are passionate about food, nightlife and travel, and are able to express their thoughts through online content well.

For photojournalists, good photography is always a requirement, so you can tell a visual story along with words.

As a writer for, you are a curator of good food and need an eye for the next latest big trend. Relevant writing experience is preferred.

Internship is meant for people who want to gain real exposure, experience and media training as an online writer which we will provide.

What does a photojournalist intern do?

Accepted interns are required to come into the office during weekdays from 11am – 7pm (no, this is not a work from home job), with a minimum internship period of 4 months. Interns are paid a monthly allowance between S$600 – $800 depending on skill, and have a small food budget.

What kind of content do you want?

We are looking for content about food, nightlife and travel reviews and listicles that are detailed, informative and have good potential to go viral. You need to be familiar with food trends and hidden gems to be ahead of the game.

Topics are discussed beforehand and submissions are subject to approval by the editor for quality control and will be edited before being published. Photos have to be of great quality to be published.

How often do I need to write?

For interns, you will be writing a mix of long form reviews (~800 words), best of food/travel listicles as well as short form news articles (150-200 words). You can expect to write around 2 articles daily.

How do I apply as an intern ?

Fill out our intern application form. Share your writing sample and photography shots.

Potential full time writers and interns will be subjected to an interview session.

Fill Out Our Internship Application Form

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