Pizza Hut’s new Olympics-themed Decathlon Pizza is built for champions

I’ve never been the most athletic person since young—I drop balls, avoid the sun as much as possible, and can’t really swing a racquet properly to save my life. Yet, I found my screen time vaulting higher than ever what with the constant refreshing of news feeds in an effort to keep up with the various events taking place in the Tokyo Olympics. The hype and tension is palpable, and our favourite Pizza Hut Japan has taken it upon themselves to keep us fuelled for long hours spent watching the Olympics with their all-new Olympics-inspired Decathlon Pizza, which features ten different types of meat on one pizza. No, this is not a drill.

a picture of the new Decathlon Pizza


I’m sure all meat-lovers will be giving a gold medal to Pizza Hut Japan’s Decathlon Pizza, which features a noteworthy combination of beef bulgogi, bacon, “rough sliced” sausage, Iberico thick-sliced bacon, pepperoni, pulled pork, Italian sausage, teriyaki chicken, aged bacon, and charcoal-grilled beef ribs. If you’re doing a double-take right now, I can absolutely relate. For reference, the typical American Meat Lover’s pizza only contains six different types of meat. It seems pretty skimpy in comparison with Pizza Hut’s new creation, and if I’m being 100% honest, a pizza-eating match during the Olympics is definitely something I’d watch.

a photo of a japanese advertisement for the decathlon pizza

Like all unusual flavours of pizza such as Pizza Hut’s boba and marshmallow pizza, this all new protein-heavy creation has split the internet into two distinct opposing camps. Some are skeptical and ready to put their cardiologists on standby; others are as hyped for this as they are with the actual Olympics. Pizza Hut’s carnivorous creation retails for ¥2430 (approximately S$29.95), and has definitely raised the steaks for pizza lovers worldwide.

I don’t know about you, but I think the irony is hilarious seeing how Pizza Hut’s Decathlon Pizza is meant to celebrate the world’s fittest and most athletic group of people. Either way, this is guaranteed to fill you right up and give you the extra boost of energy to cheer for your favourite sportsmen from the comfort of your home.

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