Need to talk? Call Popeyes Chicken Hotline, vent & get free chicken nuggets

Had a long week and need to vent about your struggles? What if you could do that and get free comfort food in return? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not for Popeyes Singapore, which has recently launched a hotline where you can call to vent about your problems and after, receive 6 pieces of Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets for free.

Popeyes Chicken Hotline - Chicken nuggets
Credit – Popeyes

Through this toll-free Chicken Hotline, customers can call 24/7, talk about their troubles and receive the chicken for free. But do keep in mind that the nuggets are redeemable only with a minimum of S$5 spend.

But why nuggets as the antidote to life’s little struggles? The Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets are prepared freshly in-house everyday. Plus, the quality and flavours are adopted from the Popeyes famous Chicken Sandwich so you know you’re in a yummy treat.

Popeyes - Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets
Credit – Popeyes

“Through this campaign, Popeyes is bringing the spirit of Louisiana to Singapore, spreading joy through food, being-big hearted and spirited but most importantly celebrating togetherness,” explained Will Purcell, Director Marketing of Popeyes APAC. With the help of the Chicken Hotline, Popeyes hopes to truly give Singaporeans some ‘piece’ of mind from
whatever’s bothering them.


So whether you’ve been rejected by your crush on Valentine’s Day or the MRT was delayed and made you late to work, just call +65 3129 7744 and get your free nuggets. Popeyes Chicken Hotline is live all the way up to 27 Feb 2023, so get calling!

I feel a struggle coming up soon. *Winks*

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